The best apps to go for during this era of Covid-19

Coronavirus sabotaged human lives in a massive number. It changed the way we see the world.

Now, in this situation we cannot consider ignorance is bliss. Prevention is the only way you can protect yourself from the disease. The positive side of the picture is technology is playing its due role to keep you informed.

We will talk about the best apps that offer adequate knowledge to stay informed on Coronavirus quarantine.

The Best apps

#1 Worldometer

If you want to stay updated about Coronavirus, then you should consider opting for Worldometer app. The best thing about this app is that it is not complicated. It offers constant updates. Plus, you will also come across various graphs that offer insight related to the Coronavirus. The app offers information both on country and global level.

# 2 NHS

If you want to remain updated about your medical record, then NHS is the best app that can come your way. You can even book your GP appointments using this app. You can search trusted information using the NHS app. If you think you have Covid-19 symptoms, then you can look forward to immediate medical advice.

However, you need to get registered with GP surgery England for enabling this app.

# 3 Covid Symptom Tracker

The exciting part is that the app got created by Kings College London. You will need to create an account on this app. You can monitor your day to day symptoms using this app.  The good news is that these apps do not require you to enter any personal information. For example, you do not need to enter any id information.

What happens in most cases is that people are reluctant to enter their information. As a result, they go around looking for  best fake id website

# 4 Headspace

One thing that you face when suffering from Covid-19 is stress. It is essential to relax to promote the healing process. Well, Headspace is one app that offers adequate assistance in this regard. It offers you daily insight into meditation so that you can get rid of the stress.

# 5 WHO

If you are looking for trusted information, then you should not miss out on the WHO original app. It offers latest health advice and updates on the virus. You can stream the press conferences live by making use of this app.

# 6 Youper

Covid-19 has significantly affected the mental health of everyone out there. People are anxious because of this epidemic. Well, Youper app can help you. It makes use of artificial intelligence for reducing your anxiety levels. You can listen to mindfulness practices using this app.

Plus, it also helps you monitor your emotions with the helps of its exclusive mood tracker.

Make sure that you use technology to your benefit and download these apps. The best approach is to research on each app. User-friendliness is an essential aspect when you choose an app. Once you choose an app, go through its reviews too so that you can use it to your advantage.