The 3 most effective ways to change your business operations during COVID-19

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The frightening spread of COVID-19 around the world in 2020 changed the workplace landscape for everyone going forward.

The quick call for and implementation of lockdowns and remote work strategies was necessary to help flatten the curve and give everyone some relief. Business leaders, IT teams and employees have adapted as well as possible to these strange and uncertain times.

While it is difficult to anticipate what the future will hold as COVID-19 stays in our midst, it is important to note that many small businesses have survived. Some large firms have managed to increase sales and growth, according to the Harvard Business Review. That means it is possible to adjust to keep everything afloat and make some improvements in the worst of times.

Have you adapted well but are still looking for ways to change your business to reflect the new outlook? Here are three of the most effective things you can do to change and improve your business operations as the coronavirus carries on.

1. Analyze Your Budget and General Operating Capabilities in Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios

Reviewing your budget is always a vital practice in your business, but after weathering a massive storm like COVID-19, it bears closer inspection. Whether you perform an official audit or invest in audit software, you can learn where your business currently spends the most money and consider which costs are vital and which are avoidable.

Look at areas such as the number of people you need on-site, impacting the space you rent. If much of your workforce can work remotely, consider whether it is time to downsize your facilities. Any area that you can reduce without affecting your business’ quality is worth considering since efficiency is essential when competing against rivals and for survival.

2. Invest in Software That Promotes Enhanced Communication and Employee Support

As employees were largely on their own to make their remote worksite viable and useful, you can make any future issues easier to manage with the right technology. While your IT team got the job done, they were probably at their maximum capacity each day. With your IT team’s help, you can explore software that allows for better communication and documentation that suits remote work without stressing your employees, IT staff or your organization and its operating budget.

A mobile workforce optimisation solution can help you streamline your processes, allowing for more accurate data and metrics to ensure customer satisfaction, while everyone becomes more comfortable moving to a mobile workforce. With the right management software, you can collect, correlate and display all relevant information for your employees at all times, providing them with vital information that makes it easy to do their job effectively, from the office, home or anywhere in the world.

3. Focus on Disaster Recovery and for Any Future Issues

Update or create your disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plan to include something that was once unfathomable: a global pandemic. Your DR covers any catastrophic event that might occur to impact your business negatively, and COVID-19 qualifies. In case the coronavirus takes another pass or something else comes along, you don’t want to have to scramble. The Balance recommends that you evaluate your business operations as they stand now by examining:

  • A list of essential jobs
  • A list of remote-friendly jobs
  • An inventory of on-site office equipment
  • An inventory of remote-friendly office equipment
  • A plan for alternative office space
  • A budget and a breakdown of insurance coverage

Keep Your Business Operations Healthy During COVID-19 With These Core Strategies

Everyone was thrown off their operational balance when COVID-19 hit. While it caused chaos and great loss for many businesses, it also offered business leaders an opportunity to learn and grow. With strong communication, documentation and a firm grasp on your resources, it is possible to keep things running smoothly, no matter what curveballs come at you.