Technology and marketing: discover the potential of integration

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For many management experts, the integration between technology and marketing is the best investment a company can make in and of itself.

Perhaps this statement sounds a little energetic, but it makes perfect sense in the face of the reality of the market and the world in which we live.

The advancement of technology, especially with the Internet, has not only changed the way people communicate or carry out day-to-day tasks, but also the future of companies. If a few years ago classic marketing had TV and radio as its allies, today it needs digital support to generate impact and attract customers, since almost all of them are connected.

In the next post you will understand the full potential of this integration and how it can change the reality of your company. Are you curious? So keep reading!

Marketing and technology: a union that works?

Today, it is possible to say that almost all large companies are present in social networks, use strategies like Analytics to measure their performance, maintain automated systems, and have themes such as e-commerce, internet of things and augmented reality in the discussion guidelines and innovation for the future. Faced with so many possibilities the main focus is the customer. What dictates what a consumer will buy or not, is not only his personal desire or need, but also what is a trend in social networks, which can be bought through a mobile device and the image that a brand has online. Some casino sites such as have applied the strategies to get more and more players.

Organizations accustomed to old marketing and lacking in-depth understanding of the data and customers they have are at risk of becoming irrelevant.

How many companies waste their technology professionals using them just for the repair of consumer electronics? Instead of leveraging them to boost your growth potential, improve your presence in the digital world and your own internal organization? Hundreds. The job of the marketing industry is no longer just to create campaigns and sales actions, but to understand how to combine these strategies with technology. After all, your customer is connected, the supplier is connected and, mainly, the competitor is connected. In short: all the activities of a business depend on technology to be successful.

Integration between technology and marketing in companies: a possible reality?

It is important to remember only that the marketing and technology sectors are not, nor can they be, the same thing. However, to build a strong and sustainable name in this market, every company needs to keep them integrated. According to the consulting firm Gartner, this year a new type of professional will be highlighted: the Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT), or technology marketing executive. The particularity of this professional will be to act as a strategist, but also as a technology leader.

In the face of their own reality, what companies can do is keep their departments aligned with common goals and focus on the customer experience. And this collaboration can come not just from its leaders and teams, but from the entire organizational structure: product creation, sales, customer service, and so on. Joining technology and marketing is not to make one sector an executor of the other, but to be integrated and codependent, both focusing on creating a new business model – strong and durable in the face of the current market reality.