Technological advancements in the gaming industry

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The growth of technology has continued to rise and has now led to multiple advancements within the gaming industry.

Some of the key dramatic advances have been made through the significant role of smartphones in recent times. Here we cover advancements that are expected to define the future of gaming.

Virtual Reality

VR is all about allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves into the gaming experience, which is something different to anything that has been offered before. Since its release it has already advanced and has become far more collaborative, in comparison to the previous single player option. It enables for people to travel from the comfort of their own homes, as shown below.


3D games have been around for some time but in the early stages they lacked details and were ultimately unappealing. However, these days, many video games are 3D games and this is only set to continue moving forward. These games now have far more quality, due to the continued advancements in graphics software.

Portability had now added convenience to gaming

Not just gaming but many things in life have now been moved to portable, due to the continued need for this. A key example being smart phones, which have now helped for many people to play games anywhere. This now allows gamers to engage in social gaming anywhere, which is another field that is only set for further new developments moving forward.


Artificial intelligence has continued to evolve in recent years. This has now meant it is playing a role in both single player and multiplayer games. AI is now more intelligent than ever, with bots in games now imitating real world war tactics in combat games for example, such as Call of Duty. These bots can now create innovative solutions depending on the player in question against them. This means a much more effective, realistic and fun experience for gamers.

Cloud based Gaming

With this continued growth in technology has also meant for more powerful gaming systems to deal with this. The cloud has now emerged and is an ideal platform for dealing with this. With the cloud, it means an unlimited resource for the gaming industry and players. This will eliminate lag, which has always been common in games.


These advancements have meant more and more people are now gaming online, which means they should be using offers available such as at This covers reviews of the best ones across the market for players to help boost their chances of success. As the industry continues to be competitive, it means there are also now more and more offers and bonuses for players to take up.