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As an uninformed, but eager Instagram user, I’ve tried using hashtags off the top of my head, as I felt it appropriate to be. The results? Not that great, but I didn’t know better back then.

However, recently we saw a Task Ant review and thought, well, I might as well just try it, right? Man, was I in for a treat! So, this is a brief review of my Task Ant Instagram experience.

Our Task Ant Review

It all began when I first read an article somewhere about the use of hashtags. It was an elaborate discussion on whether to use 7 or 8 hashtags tops or go full 30, which is the maximum number of hashtags allowed. The answer was that clever use of 30 hashtags increases the exposure of your content, but the ultimate result of me reading that inquiry was sparking an interest about hashtag optimization.

This was my entry into the world of hashtag optimization. As a part of a larger mission to boost the optimization level of my social media, I’ve decided to do research on Instagram efficiency. What I had found out, among other things, was that the use of hashtags required much more planning and careful placement than it appears.

Hashtags are much more than decorative snippets and serve a larger role of linking users and forming webs of content that is inter-related. Put simply, hashtags label your content as regular tags do regular products, except it’s the big algorithm that does the reading and recommends suitable content to individual users.

Fast forward a bit, and here I am, using Task Ant to raise my hashtags to the ultimate level. How did Task Ant help my hashtags? I’ll go step by step.

#1 Finding Hashtags

Hashtags should never be placed randomly. Specific hashtags that came from Task Ant’s comprehensive hashtag libraries raised the engagement rate and reach of my content to the levels I’ve never achieved before. It has access to top-performing hashtags that are fitting to what content I have to publish, and now it makes much more sense than what I was doing at the beginning.

On top of all, it is easy to use. Task Ant hashtag generation is a quick and simple process, which is a must-have quality for me since I rarely have much time to devote to hashtags only. Every one of us has more important business than creating hashtags, right? All I have to do is type in a hashtag or keyword that fits my Instagram picture and ta-da, 29 other results appear that perfectly complement my initial entry data.

#2 Hashtag Sets

I’ve mentioned time, right? After the novelty of hashtag generation fades, you won’t find it fun to spend time generating hashtags every single time you want to post a photo. Task Ant helps me here as well by memorizing sets of hashtags that I use often so I don’t have to. Previously I’ve been amassing Word docs but the more you have them the more confusing they get. Task Ant has those lists conveniently in one place. Nice!

#3 Strategy Insights

The real reason I went after optimizing my IG were those big brands that seem to do everything right. They always get their hashtags perfect! I mean, c’mon, how do they come up with them?

Task Ant again. Not only does it provide me with carefully selected hashtags, but it also gives me access to top-performing Instagram hashtag strategies. These insights into marketing campaigns of my idols and competitors in my niche give me the edge to punch far above my Instagram weight.

#4 “Free Trial” Basic Plan

You see, no one asked me for money until I decided to tie the knot between my IG and Task Ant myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Task Ant’s basic package has no associated costs or fees. That’s right, Task Ant’s basic features come for free!

20 results per search, 5 hashtag sets, and customer support without a cent invested. Only after I’ve seen for myself how useful Task Ant really is I chose to commit, and never regretted it.

Task Ant Review Summary

So yeah, I do consider Task Ant to be the best hashtag generator out there. Why? It combines the best out of other top performing hashtag generators into a neat single package. And that’s not all: I’ve seen that the team behind it pushes their software forward with plans for additional features, which is currently a performance tracker that measures performance of your posts and suggests improvements where necessary.

More than the feature itself, this shows me that the team is devoted to their work. People who manage to come up with an excellent piece of software, yet continue to improve it show the amount of dedication that I adore. I know that Task Ant will keep boosting my Instagram profile for a long, long time.

In fact, why should my positive experience be your only evidence of their expertise? Hop over to their website and see for yourself. I cannot recommend them more!