Suffering from Hearing Loss? Try Phonak Hearing Aids

Hearing is among the five senses, and the ability to hear makes it easy for people to interact with the environment and others. Phonak has designed hearing aids that can be used by adults, teenagers, children, and infants.

Phonak has many distributors depending on the location, and if you want to become a Phonak provider, you should reach out to them.

Hearing loss is of different levels, and various factors define its severity. The hearing aids manufactured by Phonak can help regardless of the level of hearing loss that could be mild, moderate, severe, or profound.

Below are more details about Phonak hearing aids, including the pros and cons that will help you determine whether they fit your hearing loss needs.

What is Phonak?

Phonak is a brand that specializes in hearing aids. It is a Swiss hearing care solution operated and owned by Sonova Holding GA. Besides manufacturing Phonak hearing aids, Phonak also manufactures Hansaton and Unitron hearing aids. All hearing aids manufactured by this brand address different levels of hearing loss.

Since hearing loss is commonly associated with older people, most hearing aid companies are dedicated to producing hearing aid products for this age. Contrary to such companies, Phonak manufactures hearing aids for all ages, from infants to adults.

In addition to manufacturing hearing aids, Phonak also manufactures adaptive microphones used together with hearing aids. The purpose of adaptive microphones is to enhance sound quality in areas with background noise.

About Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids work with an app found in both Android and Apple devices; myPhonak app. With this app, you can come up with custom programs for outdoor situations and crowded rooms. Also, you can use the app to remotely make real-time adjustments to the sound settings on your hearing aid.

For new users, Phonak provides a guide that shows them how to use the app. Still, you will be guided when buying the hearing aids by the distributor or hearing professional who will be helping you choose the right hearing aid depending on your hearing loss level.

What’s more? Phonak, hearing aids are available in seven different shades, which you could match with your skin tone or hair colour. But note, to achieve an individualized but bold look, the hearing aids for teens and children are designed with bright colours.

Phonak hearing aids also have Bluetooth connectivity compatible with all devices, including Android and Apple devices. Other features present in the hearing aids include real-time streaming and hands-free phone calls.

For better listening and sound comfort, all hearing aids by Phonak have Roger on microphones. Some models require an additional external device, while others have a built-in microphone capability.

Pros of Phonak Hearing Aids

  • Hearing test– before buying your Phonak hearing aids, the company offers an online hearing test that will guide you on your hearing loss level. Remember, this is different from an audiology evaluation, and it is not meant to take the audioloy’s place. Yes, the online test is accurate, but you will need an audiologist’s advice on the hearing loss root cause.
  • Kids’ options-Phonak hearing aids designing style has factored in babies, children, and teenager’s needs, such as incorporating bright colours to rhym with their young age.
  • App– Phonak has a Tinnitus app meant to reduce the discomfort tinnitus causes. You can create your library of sounds using the app.

Cons of Phonak Hearing Aids

  • Cost– the cost of Phonak hearing aids varies depending on the place where you purchase your hearing aids and your provider. Phonak has not indicated anything about the prices and the distinct features each of their hearing aids has on their Phonak website. Therefore, you are forced to consult with a hearing aid professional before buying your hearing aids to determine which one is the best for you.
  • Network– Phonak only works with a specific network of audiologists. This means that there are some instances when you will have to work with a new audiologist if you are looking forward to purchasing Phonak hearing aids.
  • Waterproof– while some Phonak hearing aids are waterproof, a good number of them are not. When bathing or swimming, it is recommendable to remove them first.

Getting Started with Phonak

If you are purchasing hearing aids for the first time, it’s advisable to start with Phonak online hearing test. After the evaluation, you will decide whether to find a hearing professional or a provider selling Phonak products.

Also, you can use the interactive map on Phonak’s website to identify providers in your area. The recommendations by Phonak are that you should schedule an in-person appointment with one of their professionals when looking for Phonak hearing aids to buy.

Final Thoughts

Phonak is a brand that manufactures hearing aids for all ages and all hearing loss levels. To buy any of their hearing aids, you should look for the closest distributor to you, and he/she will help you understand the trial period, warranty, and cost of Phonak’s hearing aids.