Staying home: Better products for disability and mobility Issues

Disability working from home

Thanks to another lockdown, we are all spending more time at home, and it is likely that this is a trend that will continue even after lockdown is lifted.

For many businesses, it will be cheaper and more convenient to continue employing people remotely instead of providing office space to them daily. In response, UK businesses are creating more products to make life easier for people who have mobility issues or are less able in other ways.

Smart Home Technology

Many types of smart home technology can be particularly helpful for people with disabilities. For example, if it is difficult for you to get to the front door, it can be useful to have a smart doorbell that shows you who is there. Smart thermostat and lighting make it simple for you to control the temperature and amount of light in your rooms without having to fumble with small knobs or read tiny numbers or letters. Many items in the home can be connected with voice-activated technology so you can operate them hands-free.

Home Lifts

Whether you struggle with stairs now, you are in a wheelchair or you anticipate that you may be in the future, you might have assumed that you would need to move to a home on a single level. Most people are not aware that domestic lifts can be installed in almost any type of home. This is not even a major construction project, taking only a single day. With the addition of a home lift, you can move safely between the floors in your home and remain there independently.

Staying in Touch

There are a variety of technologies that can do everything from helping you stay in touch with friends and family to sending out alerts in the case of medical emergencies. Sensors in your home can detect if you have not moved for a certain amount of time or have left water running and can alert loved ones or a monitoring center. You can wear a GPS tracker with the ability to call for help if you fall, making you easy to locate. Phones and apps also have various functions that can assist you in communicating with family and friends.

Household and Personal Tasks

Cooking and cleaning can be difficult for people with disabilities, but new products and technologies can mean that they do not have to struggle with these tasks or hire other people to do them. For example, jar and can openers that are easy to grip, stools that allow you to sit while preparing food, and slicers for bagels, apples and other things that can be hard to cut are just a few of the items available to help you in the kitchen. There are also turners for knobs and taps that can make them easier to handle. For cleaning, robotic vacuums can be hugely helpful. There are also cleaning items that come with easy grips. You may also want to have your bathroom remodeled with rails for your toilet and shower. Your shower should be easy to step into and out of and should include a there no-slip mat.