Social App Yubo Uses NGO Partnerships to Strengthen User Support and Further the Company’s Mission: To Create A Safer Online Space

Social app Yubo regularly partners with NGOs to bolster user support and maintain commitment to the company’s ethos of creating a safer online environment for users.

A non-governmental organization (or NGO) is often at the forefront of a social or humanitarian cause. Generally structured as a non-profit group, an NGO may create and implement designated development projects.

Alternatively, an advocacy-based NGO may focus on a specific cause, often with a global reach. NGOs can be effective at the community, regional, national, or international levels. Some NGOs pursue their mission on more than one of these levels.

Forward-thinking companies have taken note of NGOs’ wide-ranging advocacy missions. Businesses with a strong social responsibility focus align with NGOs that share similar goals, are doing good in areas that are important to them, or that have valuable information or resources to share.

In 2022, live social discovery app Yubo partnered with notable NGOs across the globe. Each organization contributed its unique talents and specialities generally around online safety for Yubo’s Gen Z users ages 13-25.

Yubo’s 2022 NGO Collaborations Support the Company’s Mission

Paris-based app Yubo is a Gen Z-focused social discovery platform with a rapidly growing user base. Across the globe, teenagers and young adults gather on Yubo to chat, livestream, and play games. Online friendships are often sparked by similar interests, including interests in social causes, or even just by hanging out in the same place at the same time – similar in in real life.

While Yubo encourages users to interact and engage in fun activities, like games, contests, or debates, the company’s overarching mission is maintaining online user safety. Toward this end, Yubo maintains robust Community Guidelines and uses the latest technology, while also developing their own. In addition, skilled safety experts are available to address members’ safety concerns at a moment’s notice.

On a professional level, the Yubo team regularly consults with an independent Safety Board composed of recognized global online safety experts. Finally, Yubo partners with NGOs from multiple countries, with each organization complementing Yubo’s mission in a specific way.

Safer Internet Day

Each year since 2004, the Safer Internet Day event has sought to increase awareness of the Internet’s risks and call for responsible use. Safer Internet Day is sponsored by Insafe, a European Awareness Centres collaborative that promotes safer Internet usage, and is organized by Childnet, a registered charity in UK that is dedicated to making the Internet a safer place for children and young people.

On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, the global Safer Internet Day took place. The event’s annual “Together for a Better Internet” mission sends a powerful message that calls for participants to make the Internet safer for everyone, especially for young people and children.

Organizers emphasize the importance of keeping the Internet safe all year-round. They invite participants of all ages and backgrounds to take an active role in accomplishing this goal.

How Yubo Marked Safer Internet Day 2022

Yubo played an active role in Safer Internet Day 2022. Marking the third straight year of the company’s participation, the 2022 event carried the additional theme of “All Fun and Games? Exploring Respect and Relationships Online.” Yubo teamed up with two powerful partners to bring this message to its users. To date, nearly one million users in four different countries have seen this compelling initiative.

The Yubo/Thorn Initiative

First, Yubo partnered with Thorn, a United States-based NGO that defends young people and children from sexual abuse. Yubo shared Thorn’s NoFiltr campaign with its US, UK, and Canadian users.

Within this collaboration, Yubo and Thorn offered guidance for users who may be victims or witnesses to online grooming. Users concerned about their online safety can easily contact Yubo’s Safety Team by tapping the shield icon followed by clicking “Report” in the Yubo app. As another option, United States users can text NOFILTR to 741741.

Yubo launched this initiative to share Thorn’s important tips, resources, and tools to help users who might encounter difficult or threatening online situations.

The 3018 e-Enfance Initiative

Yubo teamed up with 3018 e-Enfance to reach Yubo’s French community. Yubo and e-Enfance have a successful collaborative history, and the two organizations came together on another campaign in 2022.

On Safer Internet Day, Yubo wanted to inform users about e-Enfance’s new app launch. The app’s purpose is to allow victims or witnesses of online violence to report the incident. The app also offers guidance on finding support resources and safely protecting relevant evidence. For reference, online violence includes hate speech, harassment, and sexual harassment.

The Nordics Region Anti-Bullying Campaign

In 2022, Yubo also partnered with Stiftelsen Friends (or Friends), a Swedish NGO that is taking the initiative to combat online bullying. Sweden is one of the Nordic countries, which comprises a substantial part of Yubo’s online community.

In November 2021, Yubo surveyed its Swedish users to learn how to most effectively support them against online bullying. Friends published the study results along with outcomes from other studies at Swedish schools, sports clubs, and leisure centers. The Friends NGO also offered advice and best practices related to dealing with bullying behavior.

Yubo also shared the study results and recommendations with Yubo users to help provide them with the appropriate tools to handle and report bullying.Stiftelsen Friends’ Mission and Practice

To prevent unwelcome bullying, Friends consistently develops resources for young people and adults. Friends’ interdisciplinary approach combines established practice and research. The organization funds anti-bullying-related research projects in cooperation with Swedish universities and international partners. Equipped with current knowledge, Friends consistently updates its tools and training courses.

Friends also partners with hundreds of Swedish pre-schools, schools, and sports clubs. This dedicated NGO conducts training courses and exchanges best practices recommendations. These activities collectively reflect Friends’ belief that proactive bullying prevention measures are more effective than bullying interventions.

National Bullying Prevention Month 2022

Every October, many information and advocacy groups join together for National Bullying Prevention Month. Launched in October 2006, this landmark event has spurred organizations to produce collaborative campaigns and provide resources to raise awareness about bullying.

Today, many United States organizations and schools participate in this month-long initiative. The 2022 event featured new public service announcements (or PSAs), toolkits, and training modules for education professionals.

Yubo’s Collaboration with The Diana Award

During National Bullying Prevention Month 2022, Yubo partnered with The Diana Award, a UK-based NGO with a strong committment to anti-bullying. Together, the organizations provided anti-bullying resources to Yubo users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Yubo and The Diana Award join together for this initiative every year. In addition, The Diana Award’s Deputy CEO Alex Holmes provides Yubo with guidance on these issues throughout the year as a member of Yubo’s board of safety experts.

Bullying Definition and Examples

Bullying is unwelcome, aggressive behavior that exists among school-aged young people. Driven by a perceived (or real) power imbalance, the behavior can include issuing threats, conducting verbal attacks, and spreading rumors. Excluding a child from a group, and even physical violence, are other disturbing bullying tactics.

In today’s technology-fueled world, cyberbullying has increasingly become a global concern. Examples include posting rumors on social media and sending nasty emails or texts. Embarrassing (and potentially damaging) videos and photos another form of cyberbullying. Some cyberbullying victims experience a profound negative impact from these incidents.

Yubo’s Ongoing Partnership with 3018 e-Enfance

Yubo believes users’ anti-bullying programs should continue all year-’round. To deliver on this commitment, since 2019, Yubo has partnered with 3018 e-Enfance to support young people in psychological distress.

Specifically, if a user reports any type of harassment or suicidal behavior, they can be immediately connected to 3018 e-Enfance’s Net Ecoute service. This free, anonymous, and confidential hotline offers support via a chat or call.

The French Laboratory for Online Child Protection

In November 2022, the French Laboratory for Online Child Protection published its charter. The organization recognizes that children are subject to online abuse, violence, and exploitation every day and much more should be implemented to improve their protection.

To address this, the French government established the Laboratory for the Protection of Children Online. The lab responds to minors’ growing exposure to online harassment, violence, and pornography.

Ideally, researchers, NGOs, and companies will share expertise, knowledge, and best practices. As a result, new initiatives (and stronger existing programs) will help to ensure better child protection.

Yubo’s Participation in the French Lab’s Programs

In partnership with other technology leaders, Yubo will join a think-tank working to identify better methods of protecting children online. Specifically, Yubo will engage in the Lab’s research, identification, selection, and evaluative phases. Yubo will also consider the Lab’s outcomes when refining the app’s safety strategy.

Yubo Anticipates More Productive Partnerships in 2023

Looking ahead, the team at Yubo has been pleased to work with such committed NGOs across the globe. These mutually beneficial partnerships will continue in 2023, with new collaborations throughout the year. Together, the organizations will join forces to help ensure all Yubo users enjoy a safer online experience.