Should The Prime Minister Step Down?

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After the controversy surrounding Boris in recent weeks, many are urging Boris Johnson to resign once and for all.

After a leaked email came to light within the press, confirming the attendance of over 100 Downing Street Staff, Boris has neither confirmed nor denied his attendance at the party which allegedly took place during the first lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’.

The Prime Minister and his wife are believed to have attended, the very same time when many had to sacrifice parting with their family members, in addition to many mothers birthing children without their partners due to the new restrictions at the time during May 20, 2020. A proportion 66% of voters stand by the idea that the Tory party should immediately step down in failure to the nation. Currently, UK political odds are showing similar favour of Boris and his party to remove themselves from their leadership over the country.

The Christmas party revelations were believed to have been initiated by Martin Reynolds, the Prime Minister’s private secretary, who had sent the mass email to all Downing Street staff. Many are equally unimpressed by the secretary. It was revealed the aftermath of this email cannot be excused, especially due to the tone-deaf wording the email was written in, despite the many shared stories of isolation and pain that UK citizens across the country shared in remorse within the media at the time. All the while political leaders were dancing the night away with ‘plenty of booze’, as if there was not a care or a worry of the utter neglect and hypocrisy that their actions highlighted.

Parliament amidst the release of the recent events has very much been chaos. Many Labour MPs took to the stand voicing their complete and utter disbelief of how careless the Tory regime has proven itself to be, and how this should not be ignored; that an example should be made of this. MP Jim Shannon herself, from the DUP shared the story of how her mother-in-law died alone and was separated from her loved ones during her time of need, due to the extent of the restrictions. This then concluded to the statement of how this was a pandemic for all but the Tory party, as they somehow saw themselves as elite enough to be excluded from the restrictions. Other Labour MPs took to the stand, to raise how the evidence is very much clear as day, and Boris ‘can run away from it, but he will never be able to hide’, he has very much made a fool of himself and can no longer be trusted, therefore.

Paymaster General further demonstrated how little many underestimate the consequences of the Prime Minister’s actions, Michael Ellis responded to all the remarks in parliament, by voicing his complete confidence in the Prime Minister, assuring all that he retains the confidence of the people of this country. But alas, not one single minister raised their support to the statement itself, and the fact that most Tory benches at the time were near empty, spoke louder than any words or actions of the party’s guilt against truth that came to light.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they are in fact in contact with the Cabinet office, following the reports of the event, however many police have refused to investigate the alleged event, including other social gatherings that may have taken place by the Tory Party during the toughest restrictions.

Mr Hopkins, a political researcher, now believes that Boris Johnson’s days are numbered, and the length of Boris’ support just got shorter. He even quoted that Boris Johnson may lack plausible deniability, since all the rumours surrounding him and his wife, were at a time were many were restricted to meeting just one person socially outdoors-it is pretty much inexcusable at this point. Should there be no justice for the actions of the entire Tory party and the Prime Minister, it may ultimately lead to huge drops in support for a majority. The polls currently show a large majority of loss in support for a Tory government, meaning there is no way the Tories would have the leeway to cushion a hold over political standing, even if the outcome of events would lead to the fall of the Prime Minister.

Many believe that the events to pass will push favour of a Labour lead, and therefore, possibly pointing to Keir Stramer as the next new leader within No.10. Of course, the Tories will not go without a fight, and will therefore maybe push the Prime Minister out for a replacement, to retain their standing.