Shopping in the ‘1.5-metre society’

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Because of the coronavirus a lot has changed in the Netherlands during the last two months.

What started with a small adjustment not to shake hands, quickly escalated into an intelligent lockdown. Fortunately, the workload on the ICUs is decreasing. It’s going in the right direction.  That’s why the measures can slowly but surely be eased again. And that’s nice, because sitting inside with this nice weather doesn’t make anyone truly happy.

At this moment we will have to get used to a so called ‘1,5-meter society’. Keeping a distance of 1,.5 meters turned out to be more difficult than we thought. That’s why shops have taken measures to ensure distance. Not only for the shoppers, but also for the safety of the staff. Measures can be made clear by communicating them clearly. Many tools are now available to clearly communicate the measures in your shop, office, school or other public place. Everyone does this in their own way. Below you can find a number of examples of the ways in which measures can be communicated.

Floor marking tape

Many shops open their doors again and the shopping streets are getting busier and busier. As a shop owner you want to prevent it from getting too crowded. In addition, you want the distance 1,5 meters to be guaranteed. A simple tool like floor marking tape can make a big difference. With floor marking tape, shop visitors can better estimate how much one and a half meters is. In addition, you make sure that visitors can wait neatly in a queue at fitting rooms or checkout. You can also print floor stickers for this purpose.

Safety vests

Use vests to ensure the safety of store personnel. The neon-colored vests make your staff clearly visible. In addition, the vests are multifunctional, because you can also use them to communicate measures. For example, the text ‘I am happy to help you but at a distance of 1.5 meters’.

Arrow floor stickers

Is keeping your distance due to narrow paths in your shop very difficult? Then create a one-way route. By pointing arrows in the right direction, you can prevent shop visitors from walking through each other or bumping into each other. In addition, you make sure that visitors do not miss any part of the shop. This can contribute to good sales. And you can use that during these crazy times.

Plexiglass safety screen

However, keeping a safe distance is not always possible. For example, at the checkout. Fortunately, there are plexiglass safety screens (translation: plexiglas). These transparent screens separate staff and customers and protects against the spread of the coronavirus.

Textile frame

It is mandatory to display the measures on the outside of the shop. In addition, this must be repeated inside. You can do this very easily by having a textile frame printed. This is a display for in your shop, window display or showroom. You can choose a textile frame with or without LED lighting.

The highlighted tools are just a few examples of how you can communicate measures. A number of measures are mandatory. For example, hanging the rules on the outside of the shop and keeping a distance of one and a half meters. You can also do this by printing a banner (translation: spandoek bedrukken). You can design this in your own way. There are many possibilities, so that together we can look forward to a healthy future.