Seven reasons to choose Omio to book train, coach & flight tickets in the UK

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Making travel plans is exciting— but at the same time, it can be a hassle. Most travellers will often go through the stage of comparing tickets.

Quite obviously, every traveller wants to know the best route to take and find the best prices for it. During the search and comparisons, it is not always a guarantee that one will get exactly what they want. Therefore travellers spend hours going back and forth asking the same questions before finding the perfect ticket.

To add on the hassle of planning travel, it is often difficult to know which companies can be trusted. There are a lot of sites out there promising to give the best for travellers, only to take advantage of unsuspecting clients. Before falling victim to this, it is vital to exercise caution and try finding out more about a site before transacting with it.

Good news is—with Omio, every traveller will get the answer they need.  Formerly named GoEuro, Omio is an ingenious booking app and travel search engine providing travelling solutions to millions across Europe. Users can book coaches, trains and flights to over 80,000 destinations across more than 36 European nations.  All these destinations are not only popular cities but also small villages and towns that the trains and coaches serve. Most importantly, Omio can be trusted as a legitimate and reliable company in Europe simply because they provide 24/7 customer care and the user can book in their currency—the site is also available in 18 different languages.

Many travellers use Omio to book train travel in Europe as they have over 800 travel companies in one place, with mobile tickets—and the option to search for coach and flight alternatives.

Fast and accurate

Searching for tickets using the app is simple— start by entering the departure city and the destination, the travel dates, and the number of people that would be travelling. After hitting the search button, you will get the results for coaches, trains, and flights. Next, you will make a choice on your most preferred means of travelling.  From there, you will get the cheapest options. Choose your most preferred option, whether it’s bus, train or flight.  With such simple steps, you can see the available options and book your tickets as simple as that. Being fast and accurate has enabled the company to maintain a great customer experience.

Great site to compare prices

From the reviews of Omio, one notable feature that almost everyone likes is the ability to compare prices. Apparently, Omio is the best site where one can compare prices and the available options, before settling on option that suits your pocket needs.

Reasonable prices

Obviously, the best thing about comparing prices is that you will always get the best price that suits your needs. In Omio, all listed prices listed are affordable and reasonable depending with destinations and the benefits to travellers.  Omio goes to an extra mile of recommending cheaper options to customers, meaning that it is the best site that one can visit if they are travelling on a tight budget. Better still, one is always assured that they can save an extra coin in the options provided.

Tickets available in advance

One of the hassles of travelling is probably caused by the inability to book tickets in time. With Omio travellers have the chance to book tickets ahead of time so that they can make their travelling plans fast and easy.

Service you can count on

Apart from having a fast and reliable site to offer solutions to travellers concerns, Omio also has a very reliable customer service. Whether you are a native or not, you can be assured to get the best service without language being a barrier. Patently, the customer service is available in 18 languages. Additionally the team is always happy to help their clients. Additionally, with Omio, helping a traveler does not only end with getting a ticket at hand. Travellers get the care they need all the way and everywhere until they reach the destination they need. That means they can always call back for complaints, which are always sorted out as soon as possible.

Omio represents the best travel companies in Europe

As a traveler, you will always want the best offers. That means that you will get solutions fast and you will never get stuck along the way. Omio has over 800 transport partners who are, undoubtedly, the best and renowned travel partners in Europe. With such partners they have connections with British airways, national express and easy jet among other companies.  All these connections are a guarantee that travellers have enough help in finding the most practical routes around Europe.

Most importantly, travel your way

Everyone has their favorite mode of transport. Some prefer the train so they can cruise across the countryside at high-speeds while reading their favorite books or journals. Others would prefer the coach so they just sit back and listen to slow music as they watch the beautiful places they pass by. Most would just love the luxury of travelling by air and arriving in style to their destination. Whatever one’s favorite mode is, Omio provides travellers with the best options for every mode of transport so that they can pick what they prefer, at pocket friendly prices.

With the above reasons, it is quite obvious that any traveler will love Omio.

  • Additionally, the reviews from people who have used Omio reveal that there are numerous benefits of using the site; every traveler should surely try it.
  • First time users often point out the fact that finding information from the site is super easy.
  • Most reviews point out on the fact that the site recommends the cheapest fares and fastest routes; it saves you time on moving from one site to another for comparison.

Are you planning to catch a flight from the UK or within the UK? Take advantage of Omio to get the best deals to save you money and time.