SEO writing for rising AI trend

We’ve all become incredibly familiar with disruptive technologies more times than we care to remember.

These technologies have had enough of an impact to replace one existing technology or another and thus, have forever altered how we live our lives.

There are many examples of disruptive technologies. From the light bulb, that has forever replaced fire as our primary source of artificial light, to the motorized car that has forever replaced the horse-drawn carriage as the mode of transport of choice for the populace.

Artificial intelligence is such a type of disruptive technology that is notable in the fact that it, too, has a high probability of becoming heavily incorporated into our way of living. This due, in large part, to the fact that smartphones have become the most popular and widely used prosthetic in the modern age. Nearly everyone has a smartphone.

And because of that, any technology that is included in the smartphone automatically has a great chance of being used by the populace. Google Assistant is a prime example of how easy it is to get people to start using technology on a regular basis. And well, no matter what angle you look at it, Google Assistant is but a rudimentary example of what an artificial intelligence is.

Without a doubt, AI is going to enhance or even replace some of our existing technologies. Self-driving cars, Google Duplex, and the full materialization of the smart home are all solid proof of how AI is slowly seeping into daily life. And digital marketing is not an avenue that will not be impacted by AI.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is defined as “the process of attracting traffic from the free, organic, editorial, and natural search results on search engines.”

Most website owners recognize the value and importance of their websites getting ranked high on Google search results. This brings about a significant increase in website traffic as well as the added benefit of being recognized as a more credible source of information. And of course, all of these translate to higher revenue.

The Rising Trend – AI

As previously surmised, artificial intelligence is well on its way to becoming a truly disruptive piece of technology with a real potential replace even those who created it in the first place—humans. And that can quickly become a truly horrendous thought. The thought of losing your job to a machine that’s smarter than you are.

And you should fear it, rightly so. In fact, it suggests a real scenario that we could soon become reality. These subtle undertones can be found, even in video games such as Detroit: Become Human because it’s a clear visual representation of that which we fear most.

But, I’m no fear monger. In fact, quite the opposite. For what is fear other than doubt and a lack of preparation? And what better way to conquer fear than to prepare for that which we fear most?

As SEO experts, we all know that one of the most effective ways of drawing traffic is through content writing. And that too may be at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence.

Despite this, one should never forget that artificial intelligence, like most inventions, is nothing more than a tool at the very core. And like most tools, they are primarily meant for the benefit of its wielder.

Normally, I’d simply recommend that you defer these kinds of things to reputable SEO companies like the ones listed at, but I can’t deny the value of knowing what exactly you’re likely to be dealing with. So, how exactly do you wield AI for your SEO writing projects? There are 3 simple rules to go about it:

Conduct KW Research Considering RankBrain

If you think that AI still hasn’t established an influence on search engines, then you’re painfully wrong about that. RankBrain has been an algorithm in the Google search engine that has existed for 3 years, even before the artificial intelligence trend became… trendy.

RankBrain is essentially an algorithm within an algorithm that handles specific search queries. Later iterations are going to perceive beyond mere text and they’ll be able to discern the purpose of the query. With this in mind, it’s then a good idea to optimize a page around a single keyword and Google will do the rest, especially when RankBrain is going to automatically browse through related keywords.

Emphasize Content Relevance and Quality

As previously surmised, artificial intelligence is going to have the ability to determine the purpose for which the query was made. Therefore, the more relevant your content, the longer your traffic is going to stay on your site to read your content.

Content that is long and laden with information is going to be the best type of content to have on your site because RankBrain is capable of measuring content relevancy and the time that your visitors spend on your page.

Basically, what you really need when you’re writing your content is to assume the proper mindset – to provide answers and to enrich the knowledge of whosoever might be reading your content.

Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly

Now, another thing that SEO writers need to consider is whether or not their website is mobile-friendly. The rationale behind this is that more than 80% of users do their searches on their smartphone.

So, with that in mind, the majority of your website visitors are apt to view your website in a mobile format. Going back to the point of AI being able to measure content relevancy and the time a visitor spends on your page—the convenience of having a mobile-friendly website is going to ensure that your visitor is going to be able to view your content comfortably.

Those websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will obviously be difficult to view on a smartphone and thus, those visitors are most likely going to find a different site that is. So, they end up clicking away from your site as soon as they realize that your site isn’t mobile-friendly.