Searching for a telephone number owner? Here is how to do it

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Everyone receives phone calls almost on a daily basis. Most of the times, the receiver knows whose phone it is and even recognizes what is the purpose of calling, just before picking that incoming call.

However, these days, it is increasingly becoming common for unknown people to call you and play pranks with you.

Most of us have received unwanted sales or fake promotion calls with the intention of fraud or simply forcing the receivers to subscribe to a scheme for getting more profits. However, to overcome most commercial calls and messages that seem to annoy the receivers when they are busy, solutions such as the DND utility are available.

However, still, this does not totally block all the unwanted or fraud calls that especially come from the newly emerging groups. It is still possible to get annoying calls from pranksters who simply do not answer once you pick the call. Above all, you can get a call from an unknown number, which may be useful or not useful.

In such cases, the first step out of curiosity for a casual investigation is to find out whose call it was! In other words, you want to know the owner of that unknown phone number. It is absolutely possible to this information in today’s high-tech world.

Different Ways to Find the Telephone Number

There are a couple of simple ways to find the unknown phone number. They are as follows:

  • Call Back: This is the simplest and most obvious way to try. Just try calling that unknown number and ask whose number is it. If dialing that number directs you to the voice mail utility, you may easily come to know whose number it is without talking with anyone.For assessing a number having such a utility, online tools such as Spy Dialer are reliable. Such tools call directly and ask you to hear the conversation or perform a lookup for free. This is how you need not even speak in between but just spy on the voice mail conversation to find out the owner.
  • Use a Search Engine: If calling back does not work, how about using Google to look up for that telephone number? Well, this makes sense because Google is the search engine giant. Why only Google? There are other popular search engines such as Bing or Yahoo using which you can find out the owner of that unknown number. Simply enter the number in the search bar and explore the results, it’s even easier than finding a new online casino!

The probability of knowing the owner is significantly high, as Google will also reveal the corresponding social media profile or business site, if any. This way it becomes easier and more reliable for you to know the owner’s name.

If you doubt that the number is of a telemarketer, a prankster, or of an unknown business, then you can simply check out that number on online directories dedicated to unknown numbers, such as

  • Conduct a Free Reverse Phone Lookup: This is perhaps the widely used method across the globe. If the unknown number is listed in the phonebook, no way is as easy as a reverse phone number service to know to whom that contact number belongs to. For this method, you need a reverse lookup service, which can be online, such Many of these services online are free. Phone lookup services work by maintaining a huge database of mobile numbers, landline numbers, and even VOIP numbers.All you need to do is enter the number from which you got a call. Some services may also ask for the area code to enter. Upon hitting the Searchbutton, the closely matching results are displayed. In case the number is there in the phonebook, you will even come to know the address apart from the name. However, these services are less likely to function if the landline or mobile number is unlisted. The only exception here found until now is 
  • Try People Platforms: Consider this option if you are still unable to identify the owner of the unknown number despite using free online lookup services or search engine giants. Here, you rely on a paid service such as Instant Checkmate to try and find the desired and correct search result. As these are paid services, the probability of getting the right result is always on the high side. Another alternative belonging to this category is to perform a lookup on social networking sites individually.You may first start with Facebook, then go to Spokeo, and finally try LinkedIn. These are the sites where most people have their phone numbers listed in their profiles. In case you still do not the desired outcome and calls from that same number are of a bullying nature, it is ideal to contact your service provider and look for another option.


It is recommended to start with the callback option and then proceed to free reverse lookup sites. Using a paid service should be the last resort only when calls are truly troublesome.