How can businesses leverage tech to improve sales performance

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In any company, the improvement of your sales performance should be of paramount importance.

In this day and age of technological advancements, new and up-to-date means of leveraging their businesses are not foreign to most.

These are positive changes in the field of sales, as new opportunities are created for improvement and success. Because of these unique and positive changes, your business can have a complete and total boost in operations, sales, and profits.

But first, you may ask yourself, what does leveraging in business mean? It refers to using and taking advantage of technology to make and implement positive changes in your company. In this case, the positive changes have to do with your sales department.

If you’re still one of those belonging to more conservative companies who are sceptical about using technology to your advantage, this article may just convince you otherwise. Here you will learn about how businesses can use technology to improve their sales performance.

It provides better planning for your business

Even if you are already an established corporation, this shouldn’t exempt you from continuously going through successful planning for your business. With your day-to-day operations, the key to being efficient and effective is through planning. Without technology, it becomes a very tedious task to have to start with a plan and maintain it as well. Hence, the tendency might be for you to take this step for granted.

With technology, you can now plan, and plan even more. Even when day-to-day operations get hectic, the planning stage isn’t neglected because you no longer have to dread the manual effort that is associated with planning. For instance, with technology, it becomes easier and more natural for you to role play in sales, as it is in this way that you can better plan, predict, and assess possible risks that may arise. You can better determine how a situation might be, and how you can combat potential pitfalls as a team.

It helps you store data more efficiently

The backbone of sales has a lot to do with data. There are so many things you have to keep reviewing and studying for you to come up with excellent strategies that can drive sales performance higher. For example, as you prepare for your periodic evaluation, you may notice that there was a time in the year that the sales were quite low.

Without business leveraging technology, files are very hard to retrieve or recheck, most especially if there are missing documents.

Technology aims to fill in this gap. Because of the presence of superior technology in your business, you no longer have to manually sift through all your documents to find what you are looking for, or to create trends in your sales performance, which forms the basis of your strategies that can be improved.

With technology, all this information is at the tip of your fingers, thereby improving the accuracy in reports as well.

Keep in mind that to improve your sales performance, it is always important to look back on specific periods in the year where sales were low so that you can compare statistics, determine what went wrong, and how you can best solve this problem so that you can keep rising instead.

It allows your sales team to be mobile

One of the most apparent advantages of using technology for business is that it allows your sales team to be mobile. There is no denying that for you to be able to communicate effectively, you will need to have the technology on your side. Almost every individual now owns and brings with them a smartphone or any other handheld device that allows them to communicate easily with others.

In the field of business, this ease of communication can be a big advantage when your sales team contacts clients, suppliers, and even other members of the team. Whatever the concern is, there is now very little waiting time for them to be answered or solved.

Hence, productivity is improved. Regarding your customers’ concerns, whatever query they have is now responded to right away, so their customer satisfaction increases as well. These two examples may be minor, but they contribute directly to improving your sales performance.

Another example of going mobile also has to do with your meetings with the sales team, lessons, and other important matters that have to be tackled. By using technology, you can lessen the time spent on physical meetings and instead actively work to improve your sales performance. For example, you and your team can listen to the Coach the Sale podcast on your own preferred times and thereafter conduct a video conference to discuss the points that you’ve learned. You don’t have to be confined to a physical office to do this, which can encourage a more lively and productive discussion.

It enables your entire sales process to be digitized

Digitalization refers to the process of leveraging technology to provide more business process, which can, in turn, improve productivity and reduce possible risks. For instance, you are in the field of business providing services for others.

In like manner as if you were selling products, the frontline of your business are the field men who perform these services for your customers. Without technology, it becomes harder for you to check on them, their progress, and even to delegate tasks once these men are out in the field.

With technology, that problem is solved. Even when your men are out in the field, you still have communication and control over them through the mobile apps that you use. With this, it becomes easier for you to check their progress and to assign new and unassigned tasks immediately.

This cuts the time that they have to go back to the office to ask for new work to be assigned. Because of this process, you can cater to more clients and waste less time, thereby improving your company’s sales performance.

It strengthens your online presence

One aspect of leveraging technology for your business also has to do with your online presence. When you apply technology in your sales department, one of the tasks that you will be asked to comply with is the creation and management of your company’s website.

Take note that in today’s era, a business website is one of the most important means of marketing. How so? You can easily reach a wide range of potential customers and clients through a website. Remember that almost everyone is on the Internet, and this population is also increasing by the day.

If you already have a website, then good for you. What’s even better news is that through technology, it becomes easier for individuals to manage their website, reply to comments and queries, cater to orders, and the like.

All these tasks can now be done through your very own company app, which you can even have installed on your mobile phone or handheld gadget. Thereby, productivity is improved, which is naturally a precursor to an improved sales performance.

It generates more leads for your business

Lead generation refers to the process of searching, generating, and converting leads for your business. These leads refer to potential clients that can be positively converted into customers for your business. Without technology, it will be tougher for you to gain more customers, which companies need to increase their sales, because you may be using outdated strategies.

On the other hand, now that you will use technology for your business, you can create and customize software for your company wherein you can have a system of finding leads, contacting them, and converting them into regular clients for your business. With this increase in clientele, your reputation will also be strengthened, which attracts even more customers to patronize your business.

It opens up your sales team to more positive socialization with your customers

Apart from starting a website, one of the most critical steps for you to be effective in your sales efforts is through the setting up of a social media account. If, for example, you are a member of the team that is tasked to maintain these social media accounts, it can become quite overwhelming for you to respond to every comment, question, or message that is sent without a proper system in place.

It is worth noting that customer service is very useful in increasing customer satisfaction. With excellent customer satisfaction, this loyal following of clients can serve as your starting point for them to even market your business for you, and for them to keep coming back for more as well. The direct result? Your sales performance improves, too.

It widens your research capacity and opportunity

Can you imagine how difficult it must have been in the old days when those who have gone before this generation had to make their thesis and other papers without the Internet? All their research was based on hardbound, physical books. If you’re still practicing this in your company, then the bad news is that your capacity and opportunity for research are limited and hampered. You are not maximizing your full potential as a company by opening yourself up to even more research opportunities.

When technology is integrated with your business, your research capacity increases and improves. What is previously thought of as data and customers that are difficult and impossible to reach aren’t so tough to gather anymore. For your sales team, this research process refers to looking for more opportunities for business growth. When all these are met and addressed, there is no denying that your sales performance will also be affected positively.


Now is the perfect time to make changes in your company by using technology to your advantage. The benefits of choosing to adapt to the digital world are more significant than all the efforts and the additional expenses you have to undertake. When you allow your business to embrace technology, not only will your sales performance improve, but so will the entire operations of your company as well.