Relocation, relocation, relocation: 5 things to consider when moving abroad

Holiday home

Whether you’re looking for new work opportunities, or simply wishing to build a new life somewhere else, living abroad can be the perfect chance to put your goals into action.

And as lockdowns begin to lift around the world, now could be the perfect time to do just that!

With that in mind, these are the top five most important factors you need to think about when it comes to moving abroad.

Family and Friends

This is a dealbreaker for many.

Obviously, if you’re thinking of moving abroad, you’ll need to talk about it with your spouse or partner. You need to be sure that it’s something you both want, and that you want the same things from the move.

If you have children, bear in mind that relocating can be difficult for them too. Think in advance about how to have the conversation with them, as well as how you can help them with the transition.


Perhaps you’re already moving for work, in which case, congrats!

But if not, you should find out what opportunities are like where you’re going. How big is your industry over there? Is it competitive? Remember that some roles can pay differently based on where you’re located – be sure to find out if you could be taking a pay cut.

If you’ll be looking for a new job in your new homeland, you should at least start the process before you leave.


If you’re moving to a country with nationalised healthcare, you’ll need to find out in advance if it’s free to non-nationals, as some will apply additional charges.

Likewise, if you’re moving to a country with a private healthcare system, you should weigh up insurance options.


If you’re only planning on a short-term stay, renting may be a more suitable option than buying outright.

But sometimes the investment can pay off even in the short-term. Either way, you’ll need to consider house prices – are they reasonable in the locations you want? When you’ve set your sights on a property, check out the nearby prospects such as nearby schools, hospitals, and public transport to be sure it’s right for your needs.


What opportunities does your location hold?

Some countries offer Golden Visa programs which can help you to fast track your residency, and lead to citizenship in the long-term, in return for investments such as property.

Portugal runs one of the best Golden Visa programs in the world. The country boasts a beautiful climate, breath-taking scenery and a great quality of life for expats. Those looking to invest in the program can look to Property Lisbon for a little help in finding the property that’s right for their needs.

We hope this list of five top priorities when it comes to moving abroad helps you to realise your dreams.