Reduce the cost for CNC machining with Instant DfM feedback


In a typical manufacturing environment, one of the most important things that needs to be done before mass producing any product is to produce and analyze a prototype.

Making a prototype beforehand not only saves time in the future but allows the people involved to correct any potential errors before entering the manufacturing process. But nowadays, there’s a faster way to assess a part without making a prototype or using any material at all. It’s called DfM feedback, and it’s allowing the manufacturing process to be completed faster than ever before.

What is DfM Feedback?

DfM stands for design-for-manufacturing. This process allows anyone to upload their CNC machine parts to an online program which then allows them to analyze it as they see fit and make changes. The online program outlines recommendations on what should be changed such as undercuts, wall thickness, and the type of materials used to make the parts. In short, DfM analysis allows a part to be analyzed online instead of having to physically produce a prototype. This process is more cost effective and time-saving as a result because no physical prototype has to be made.

How to get DfM feedback on your parts

There are several companies that provide DfM feedback. Hubs is one such company. Founded in 2013, they have produced and shipped over 3 million parts worldwide to their customers. With partnerships in over 140 countries worldwide, they are sure to have you covered. They produce CNC machining parts and provide DfM feedback on them as well.

The process of getting DfM feedback on your parts is straightforward. You go to Hubs and click on CNC machining service. From there a CAD (computer-aided drawing) drawing would be uploaded. After uploading, the DfM tools can be accessed by checking the manufacturability next to the 3D viewer of the parts.

The online program will thoroughly check the uploaded part for things such as hard to reach materials, thin walls, and sharp internal corners. The DfM tools will then recommend changes based on what has been analyzed. Making changes is recommended, as harder to manufacture parts drive up production costs. After making changes you will get a CNC machining quote for the parts. After payment, parts generally take around 5 to 15 days to produce and ship.

DfM feedback is changing the way manufacturing is done today. Long gone are the days a R&D team would have to produce a prototype and analyze it the old-fashioned way. With DfM feedback available, manufacturing has never been so quick and simple. And make sure to visit 3D Hubs to get instant DfM feedback and a CNC machining quote on CNC machining parts.