How to reach customers & sell more products


Having a great product or service isn’t always enough for finding new people who are willing to buy from you.

Of course, reaching new customers and selling your products is vital for your business if you want to grow.

That is why your public relations have to be impeccable. They can make or break your company since a strong customer base really is the foundation of a successful business, but you should also think of ways to acquire new customers.

Fortunately, there are strategies and tips that can help:

  • effective sales strategy
  • testimonials
  • wise marketing efforts
  • affiliate programs

Effective sales strategy

You can find many sales strategies that have been working for dozens of businesses since the beginning of time, but you can also dig up new ones every month that come with the emerging trends in technology.

In order to tailor your ultimate sales strategy that will rack up the numbers and bring in new customers, you need to educate yourself as much as you can.

What’s in it for your prospect?

Many entrepreneurs forget that the purpose of their business is solving their customers’ problems. That is why you should always employ a strategy that clearly defines how you can help your prospects.

Lead your sales pitch with a clear articulation of the challenge you can help your prospect solve. Do not dive straight into the different packages, price points, or special promotions. By doing so, you are showing a lack of empathy for their position. In other words, you are clearly not willing to listen to and understand them.

Instead, start by showing them what they can do with your offer and how it can help them. Know that at the beginning of a sales conversation, your prospect doesn’t really understand the benefits of what you are selling. So, treat your product as a valuable solution to a real need instead of making it seem like a commodity.

Define the end results

This is something the vast majority of sales consulting experts can agree on – customers purchase results, not just products or services.

When you grab your prospect’s attention with what they will be able to achieve with your solution, you should explain how that will happen and how they will further benefit from your offer.

If you are selling a product to a company that has never used a similar product before, you will have to inform them about how it will work, how much of a time investment they should expect to make when it comes to managing it, and the types of ongoing support they will have available.


Don’t think that you won’t face challenges and unique demands from your prospects during your sales conversations. Each company you work with is different in its own way, and has different sets of internal processes and objectives.

Of course, saying that you ‘can’t’ do something or ‘won’t’ do something is a sure way to mess up a sale; you have to be flexible with your sales strategy. It needs to be flexible enough to adapt in the face of new challenges on the go.

Of course, sometimes you have to say no, but avoid doing so whenever you can. When you say no, you lose your reputation as a problem-solver and instantly close the door to many possibilities. Do your best to at least check with your team if there is a chance to accommodate a tough request.


Some may say that testimonials fall under marketing efforts, but the value they can provide is so great that they deserve to be a separate part of the sales strategy.

Testimonials are slowly becoming a super powerful marketing weapon. A testimonial from a well-known person in the industry could just be the best PR strategy a company can use. It’s a type of word-of-mouth marketing that resonates well with the target audience.

Awesome testimonial examples include influencer testimonials, effective Facebook testimonials, and Twitter testimonials. One great example of a celebrity testimonial is the ad for Nespresso featuring George Clooney and Natalie Dormer. People loved that ad, and it was trending on various social media platforms for quite a while.

However, whatever you’re doing, make sure to always include some customer testimonials on your website. They do wonders for emerging businesses since people always love to see what other people, similar to them, think about a product or service.

Wise marketing efforts

In order to come up with a solid marketing strategy, you need to determine who your ideal customer is. It is by knowing your audience that you can find out what you need to do to tailor a killer marketing strategy.

Of course, different markets require different strategies, but below are some that have worked well across multiple industries.

Email marketing

Email is still one of the most consistently effective channels for acquiring new customers. On top of that, unlike some other channels, email marketing can start generating traffic immediately.

It would be smart for you to start promoting your business with email marketing. Of course, you don’t have to spend all your time writing and sending emails. Instead, set up a collection of automated email campaigns that are designed to increase your revenue.

You could email new subscribers and offer them an incentive, or address new customers with a post-sale email to upsell and delight.

Email marketing has proven to work especially well within the ecommerce industry. So, if you are in that industry too, make sure to check it out.

SMS marketing

Using anSMS API might just solve your bad outreach figures. Many businesses use global messaging services for their SMS marketing campaigns, and there is no surprise about that since this type of marketing has a great open rate.

On top of that, if they are relevant enough and personal, SMS messages can do wonders for customer engagement. Also, they are quite reliable since they can’t go to spam like emails. You won’t be spending countless hours crafting a perfect message only for it to get delivered straight to spam.

Finally, with this marketing strategy, you will be able to reach your customers globally. With SMS, you can even reach people who do not have an internet connection and whom you wouldn’t be able to interact with otherwise.

Social media marketing

Social Media

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Social media platforms have never been so popular. And that makes these platforms a great way to promote your company. Marketing of this kind can be a powerful weapon if used correctly to reach out to new prospects.

Therefore, your business should be present on the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This is a sure way to generate website traffic, attract new customers, and get conversions.

Engage your audience on social media platforms, organize contests, interact as much as you can, and you will create a better brand identity and communication with key audiences.”

Affiliate programs

Adding an affiliate program could help you drive more sales if you’re on a tight budget for marketing. Affiliate marketing programs enable other people to promote your product for a commission where you only have to pay them if they make a sale.

These programs usually work by creating a custom URL for each company promoting your products. This link can be shared on social media, in a blog post reviewing your product, or on the company’s website.

With these custom links, you will be able to track who is driving sales for you so that you can compensate them later. Remember that this program comes in handy because it’s cost-effective and successful in most cases. Not only are your affiliates promoting your products, but in a way, they are also doing marketing for you.

Bonus tip: Build lasting relationships

Social Media meeting

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Let’s finish things off with a simple but smart bonus tip – keep your customers for life! Once you have a customer purchase something from you, build a lasting relationship. Do not let that be the end of your relationship with the customer.

Put your focus on keeping a strong relationship with your customer. This not only creates trust and helps you develop a strong customer base, but also spreads a nice message about your business. People appreciate every bit of effort you put into the relationship you’re building. And that can only build more trust and add value to your product.