Recreation activities in Amsterdam


The Netherlands offers a lot of cultural and natural entertainment. If you’re going with family or a group of friends, you can enjoy the original theme parks and attractions that exist throughout the country, such as Efteling, Madurodam, Tivoli, and others.

If you go to Amsterdam and you are curious about going to a coffeeshop, then it is better to read this guide,ideal for anyone interested in this type of premises. Among the most prominent coffeeshops the Bulldog chain stands out. Coffeshops like The Bluebird and Gray Area are also very famous. These establishments draw a lot of attention, especially to outsiders.

For shopping junkies is it worth visiting the Waterlooplein Square market. Here you can buy both travel souvenirs and handmade objects, as well as antiques.

It is interesting above all to make a cultural visit to the city where we go in order to have more general and in-depth vision of Dutch society and customs, as well as the architecture of the area. The Netherlands is very rich culturally speaking, it also has a great cultural and artistic heritage that makes it unique.

Another option that the country offers you, is to sail by boat in one of its coastal areas, from the main marinas and fishing ports, where you will also discover small towns that will captivate you.For beach lovers, Amsterdam also has its appeal, Zandvoort and Ijmuiden are considered its best beaches.

Not only in Amsterdam you can find a wide range of fun or sightseeing activities, such as cinemas and theaters, cities like The Hague, Utrecht or Rotterdam also have a great cultural place that’d be of interest for anyone of any age

City bike rides, due to their popularity with tourists head the list of Amsterdam’s top distractions. Practically in all parts of the city there are lanes and areas special for bikes, which encourages tourists and native residents to rent this simple mean of transport to explore places of interest with no problem.

To all this, it must be added that the main cities are well connected thanks to their transport networks, especially because you won’t have to complicate your life trying to understand the Dutch transport system, there are also all kinds of specifically tourist transport.

If you are visiting cities, surely after a day of hustle and bustle you will end up exhausted, but in The Netherlands, you can always find a green space or a recreation area where you can relax.

Amsterdam’s Nightlife

Amsterdam’s nightlife deserves a special mention, as it has a large number of clubs, night bars, and nightclubs. A large part of them is located in the Red-Light District, in the Rembrandplein neighborhood and close to Leidseplein Square.

The Paradiso club located near Downtown is really popular. Inside of it, you’ll find music of different genres, as a good ambience. Something that catches the attention of customers is the wide range of drinks they have there.

The Melkweg club does not stop surprising with its interesting variety of entertainment programs. Here themed parties, renowned theatrical performances take place, musical groups perform here. In the Sugar Factory club, the atmosphere of mystery always reigns, that club has become a permanent performance stage for several popular musicians and theater groups.