Ready for a career change in 2021 – 3 paths that could be worth pursuing


For many people out there, your job is something that has a lifespan. It’s very rare nowadays that you’ll find someone who started in one job and stayed there for their entire working years until they retired.

It’s only natural to change, grow, and evolve over time, and with that, you can start to get that itch that it’s time to change careers. For some, it may be enough to simply change employers, but for others a bigger, a more drastic change is required.

If you’re ready for a massive career change in 2021, and want to change directions entirely, here are three paths that could be worth pursuing depending on your interests, experience, and willingness to learn/train.

Consider an Apprenticeship Path

Apprenticeships fill a very real need in the economy. They are meant to fill that gap between the time you spend in school or a training programme, and the time in which you are experienced enough to work on your own effectively. It is basically on-the-job training and experience that will prepare you for anything that lies ahead in your new chosen career. It also gives you that time to figure out if the job is right for you.

Depending on what kind of apprenticeship you pursue, you could manage to get certified within a year, which means you’ll get the all-important nationally recognised qualification. If you decide to take this route, Employing an Apprenticecan be an essential tool to help you on your way. This acts as a guide that is meant to bring businesses and candidates who are searching for a technical education together. This site is particularly geared towards younger people, helping them to get started with their first real career job.

IT and Digital Technology Continue to Be Strong Players

Here’s a field that has continuously popped up on ‘fields to watch’ or ‘industries that are growing’ for a number of years now, and 2021 doesn’t show signs of it slowing. Even in these times of the worldwide healthcare pandemic of COVID-19, this field is still growing and expanding at a fast pace.

If you’re the type that has any interest, talent, or skills in terms of IT and digital technology, aiming your sights on this industry could serve you well. The good news is that these skills are needed in so many different industries such as automating warehouses and factories, working in e-commerce, software engineers, online security specialists, and web developers just to name a few.

Leave the Office Environment Behind and Become a Lorry Driver

Maybe the idea of a traditional office environment is enough to send you on a tailspin, so why not hit the open road as your career? Lorry drivers are also in demand, especially HGV drivers. Supermarkets have seen their shelves emptied faster than any time before, and considering how many people are shopping online, drivers are needed to keep warehouses stocked up and deliveries flowing.

Could One be Right for You?

So, if you’re ready for a massive pivot in 2021, these career changes could be exactly what you need.