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The PCHAIN coin price seems to respond positively to the general upswing in crypto prices that started a few days ago on December 17th, 2018 – the anniversary date of when Bitcoin hit an all-time high of almost $20,000 ($19,783) a year ago.

It is way too early to establish whether the crypto bull market is back, but seeing all the green is certainly a beautiful sight to behold – even if only for a short period of time. It is after all no secret – as we’ve seen over the last year or so – that extreme price volatility, bull traps and other shenanigans are no strangers when it comes to the crypto market.

Let’s see how PCHAIN (Ticker symbol: PAI) is responding to this positive upswing by doing a PCHAIN price analysis.

PCHAIN Price Analysis

The PCHAIN price is currently trading at $0.007424 (0.00000180 BTC) at a 24h trading volume of $193,989 (at the time of writing). This is up from a low of $0.005491 (0.00000175 BTC) at a 24h trading volume of $169,934 that was hit earlier this month on December 15th. It is roughly up 35% in dollar terms and 9% as expressed in BTC. This means more USD and BTC are required to buy PAI tokens today than what was the case in mid-December.

PCHAIN Trading Volumes and PCHAIN Price

As can be seen from the table below, it is pretty much a mixed bag in terms of volume, although volume is holding up pretty well against the 6-day average of $174,950. What is even more encouraging is the increase in the closing price that we’ve seen for 6 days straight now. Will the PCHAIN price continue to recover? Who knows for how long, but it is a positive sign that the PCHAIN coin price is recovering nicely from that mid-December low. This is not to say that we might not see fresh lows – only to say that credit should be given when credit is due.

PCHAIN Trading Volumes – Dec 15, 2018 – Dec 20, 2018
Date 24 Hour Trading Volume Closing Price ($)
Dec 15, 2018 $179,180 0.005750
Dec 16, 2018 $151,780 0.005846
Dec 17, 2018 $161,427 0.006332
Dec 18, 2018 $194,059 0.006795
Dec 19, 2018 $172,324 0.006942
Dec 20, 2018 $190,929 0.007424
6-Day Average $174,950 0.006515

Buy PCHAIN Debit Card / Credit Card

Would you like to buy PCHAIN tokens with a debit card / credit card? You have the option to do so indirectly by selecting the option of your choice and following the country specific steps below.


Buy PCHAIN in the US  indirectly with a debit / credit card by following these steps:

  • Buy BTC/ETH via Coinbase
  • Send BTC to Hotbit or Bibox / ETH to either IDEX, Bilaxy, Hotbit or Bibox
  • Buy PCHAIN with BTC/ETH


Buy PCHAIN indirectly with a debit / credit card in the UK by following these steps:

  • Buy BTC at CEX.io
  • Send BTC to Hotbit or Bibox
  • Buy PCHAIN with BTC

Buy PCHAIN Canada

Buy PCHAIN indirectly with a debit / credit card in Canada by following the steps below:

  • Buy BTC at VirWox (via SLL or Linden dollars)
  • Send the BTC to Hotbit or Bibox
  • Buy PCHAIN with BTC

Did you know that, if successful, PCHAIN will be the first native multi-chain system to support the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It will for one be possible to move existing smart contracts built on the EVM over to the PCHAIN platform.