Osome excited to announce its XERO Gold Partner status


Osome has been awarded the prestigious ‘Gold Partner’ status from Xero.

This status means that in just a few years of its activity, Osome managed to become an officially recognized expert, able to offer its customers a high level of service using the XERO platform. To date, only 30 companies in Singapore have been so highly recognized by the cloud giant Xero.

Osome, Xero newest Gold Partner, began with Singapore as a company whose main mission was, using artificial intelligence, to help run small and medium-sized businesses, eliminating their routine work. In just a few years, the company has become one of the most promising and reliable representatives of its market segment.

Largely thanks to the development of a high-quality product and the use of innovation, Osome managed to reach a global level in a short period of time. Today, the company provides Secretary, Accounting, Taxation, HR & Payroll services in Singapore, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Despite this, Osome’s clients are entrepreneurs from all over the world. Citizens of 78 countries work with Osome service every day. Having earned love and trust, Osome has become a reliable business assistant for more than 2,000 customers.

Nowadays there are not many people who would not hear about Xero. With over 1.8 million subscribers from over 180 countries, accounting software provider has rewrote the rulebook with its cloud accounting product. Based on its software, Osome implements stable and efficient operative programs,  that had the potential to transform the way you run your business.

Dr. Konstantin Lange, Osome COO, and Kevin Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Xero in Asia, according to them, both looked forward to a long and constructive partnership that could have an impact on the SME segment. Dr. Konstantin Lange also noted that Osome’s passion is continuous creation and development great and convenient products that would really be useful to their clients.

Osome understands how valuable entrepreneurs time is. Company’s online platform helps to organize all the business process. The provider offers a secure online chat with which entrepreneurs can send and conveniently store documents, generate reports, exchange information and receive 24/7 support responses.

Thanks to the automation of most processes, Osome’s team can focus on your individual needs of your business, remind you of deadlines and answer any questions at any time, seven days a week, while robots manage all operations as fast and clear as possible.

Therefore, Osome contributes not only to making your business ‘paperless’, but also to ensuring that the entire administrative side of your business is at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.

Intuitively designed and easy to use web and mobile application have many useful features. By introducing the latest technology, Osome manages to simplify the internal processes of your business and free up time for strategic decisions and focus on the fun aspects of your business.

Osome combines all the features necessary in order to be a perfect business assistant.

In addition to accounting, Osome provides maintenance of tax reporting, making sure that all reports are in perfect condition and filed on time. When forming his services, Osome tries to save entrepreneurs from routine work, which can become a real headache and take precious time.

Their experts also provide advice on affordable benefits for small and medium-sized businesses in the markets they deal with.

To fit your specific business model and workflow, Osome has created several packages that vary depending on the number of transactions. Now you can find a flexible solution suitable for your business, paying only for the functionality that you need.

This is especially true for enterprises that have just appeared on the market, as it helps to avoid overpayment.

Osome understands the role wages play in the success of a business. Based on his professional experience, Osome is ready to take on all the documents related to wages and social benefits for each employee of your company.

Osome continues to focus on the development and improvement of automated functions that free up valuable time for small and medium-sized enterprises. Quick access to any document of interest is facilitated not solely by cloud storage of documents, giving access to them at any time from any device, but also their impeccable organization.

Therefore, one of the prime functions provided by Osome is a convenient well-organized library of all your documents on the platform with the marking of missing documents and the structuring of each transaction with relevant documents. You will immediately appreciate this feature as soon as you start using it.

Success and rapid development of Osome was driven by appealing to cutting-edge practitioners, experience and personal care. The fact that Xero recommended Osome as a promising company shows that Osome is moving