Office spaces: How to design a productive meeting room

Projects are temporary undertakings of a limited nature, with defined beginning and end points. Similarly, project teams usually come together for a definite time period to carry out specialized tasks then disband upon task completion or project closure.

When you are having a meeting with your colleagues, it is important that you have a productive workspace for you to hold your meeting.

Having a stylish and well-designed meeting room can especially help you make a great first impression when meeting clients or interviewing potential employees. There are many ways that you can turn your meeting room into a productive workspace for everyone with Wifi, good office lighting, and practical furniture. If you are looking to update your meeting room this year, then here are five easy ways that you can create a meeting room that will suit everyone.

  1. Make sure it’s technology friendly.

To make any meeting run smoothly in your office, it is important that your meeting room is technology friendly. It can be useful to have your meeting room fitted with plenty of charging points, as meeting attendees may want to charge laptops or work mobiles. It can also be useful for your meeting room to include technology that can help with presentations such as a projector or smart board.

In today’s modern workplace, it is crucial that office spaces are able to accommodate the latest trends in technology. Features such as old computers and outdated technology will make it difficult to accommodate those who want to use the meeting room. Meeting rooms should be equipped with all the necessary technology and equipment you need to hold productive and professional meetings in your office.

  1. Include space for writing notes

One useful way to help office collaboration is by providing plenty of space for your team to write notes. This doesn’t just have to mean desk space for writing in notepads, but can also mean space for flip charts and whiteboards. These are just a few simple meeting room features that can help you and your team to brainstorm and create mind maps.

Plenty of writing space is just one of many useful features that you can include in your office meeting room. When holding a meeting, it can give the holder of the meeting the opportunity to help people visualise what is being said. Make sure there is plenty of writing space and writing materials so that everyone can get involved in the meeting.

  1. Practical office furniture

When holding a meeting in your office, one of the most important features of your meeting room should be practical and comfortable furniture. As meeting rooms can be a place where important business deals are made, it is important that you make your clients and business contacts feel comfortable. If you are going to be holding a long meeting then comfortable office furniture will be especially important for your meeting.

Glass tables, ergonomic meeting room chairs, and light wood furnishings are just some stylish and modern office furniture features that you can include in your meeting room. Having modern, high-quality furniture in your meeting can ensure that everyone is sitting comfortably. There’s nothing more distracting for people than sitting uncomfortably for a long meeting.

  1. Good Wifi connection

For any modern workplace environment, it is crucial that your meeting room and office is equipped with good WiFi connectivity. Good office Wifi is important for wireless printers, Skype calls, and quick online research. Holding a meeting without good Wifi connectivity can make it very difficult for the meeting to run smoothly.

Having good Wifi connection in your meeting room can also help encourage collaboration as it makes it much easier to share work with others with tools such as Google Drive. To ensure that your meeting is productive and worthwhile, good Wifi connection is one of the most important features that you meeting room definitely needs to have.

  1. Good office lighting

One final factor that is important for any meeting room is making sure that the room has adequate lighting. Dull and dark meeting rooms can hinder work progress, productivity levels and concentration in the meeting. Plenty of natural lighting and office lighting fixtures can help fix that. Instead of a dark meeting room, or one filled with awful fluorescent lights, softer lighting can help everyone focus more.

If you want to easily control the light levels in your meeting room, then dimmer switches can be very useful to use. Making sure that your office is well-lit can help boost office productivity levels and help everyone concentrate better during meetings.