Maximize your tradeshow booth

Trade show stands

Your tradeshow booth is an important entity at networking events because it’s ultimately a reflection of you and your business.

Your trade show needs to stand out if you want you and your business to be memorable and advantageous.  Utilizing the connections you made after the tradeshow is a testament to your success, without a memorable booth setup however these connections can be difficult to make.  Here are a few elements you can implement to ensure maximal trade show booth success.  


Before even getting to the trade show it’s important you promote to your audience that you’re actually going to be present at said show.  This not only lets followers prepare for potential networking opportunities but that industry events are important and matter to you.

This can set you apart from the competition right away, because you’ll already be influencing visits from potential clients before the show even begins.  When the show happens, don’t forget to let followers know where your booth actually is in the space.  Post photos of guide info, your booth number, and any landmarks that may be nearby. This makes it impossible for anyone to not know where to find your booth. 

Handout Stickers

Everyone at every trade show ever carries around business cards to handouts.  They’re not just an industry staple, they’re an entire world staple as they’re the most functional way to relay important information about you and your company.  However, a business card’s minimalist function and design doesn’t always make a maximum impression.

To create a memorable handout that won’t be quick to find it’s way in a garbage can invest in custom handout die cut stickers.  Stickers are a fun promotional tool because not only are they able to relay all your important contact and business info, they’re also an eye-catchingly quirky decorative tool.

Stickers are enjoyable because they let the owner practice personal expression, ensuring all your important information really sticks in clients minds.   

Be a Foodie

This is by no means a new tip and there’s a reason it’s so often suggested: because it works.  At a busy and stuffy tradeshow where one is going to be on their feet all day a tasty snack is a welcome pick-me-up.  Munching booth guests also gives you ample conversation time, as they won’t be able to interrupt you’ll be able to get your narrative across start to finish.

Aim for snacks that are portable and package them yourself.  Snack packaging can be easily branded (with handout stickers for example) so when patrons see others walking around with your snack they’ll know exactly which booth to go to get it from.

Use All the Space

When setting up a tradeshow booth you probably have everything that you’re going to hang or display expertaly mapped out.  It’s important to ensure you’re utilizing your trade booth space to its maximum potential.  Custom floor decals in the shape of arrows or signage are a smart way to direct attendees towards your booth as they’re easily noticeable from many distances. If you can consider also hanging streamers or bunting as they are also offer extremely distinguishable guidance. 

Friendly Competition

To fully maximize your tradeshow booth you of course should be staffing it with your most engaging employees.  This is key because friendly and outgoing personalities encourage the same behavior in others.  Just talking to potential clients won’t always enough to start signing deals although. Have your guests get involved in an activity or a friendly contest.

This will not only keep visitors attentive, but you’ll both be able to learn a lot about each other in a more relaxed atmosphere.  Keep in mind contests and activities don’t have to be elaborate setup, a simple interactive tablet program can be incredibly memorable.

Don’t forget to offer an awesome branded prize as well to maximize your personal and professional trade show booth potential.