Manufacturer and Suppliers of “IBUPROFEN” Worldwide

AstraZeneca is to increase its stockpiles of drugs by about a fifth in preparation for a no-deal Brexit after European regulator told companies to be ready for a possible hard Brexit in April 2019.

The amazingly effective medicine which comes in the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug class, while serving in the aspect of treating health issues like pain, fever and/or inflammation; Ibuprofen has served with its benefits on a global scale.

Of course, with a medicine so effective and necessary for solving health issues efficiently; it isn’t possible to avail it directly from the manufacturer at times. Hence, there are always some suppliers of such effective medicines that serve right and well in providing such drugs at a global scale. Here, we’ll discuss some such global scale Ibuprofen suppliers and some of their other services too.

List of Ibuprofen API Suppliers:

Rochem International Inc:

This Ibuprofen supplier serves globally in terms of developing, sourcing and supplying pharmaceutical and animal health ingredients of that made of Chinese origin. Mainly Rochemworks as a distributor of pharmaceutical, food, nutritional and animal health ingredients; where ibuprofen comes as one of the main supply on a global scale.


This company is another huge supplier of pharmaceutical drug called as Ibuprofen. The company furthermore portrays their corporate purpose of contributing towards the success of their customers in assistance with their 112,000 employees. They serve in nearly every major and assisting country in the world.

Botechnica Pharmed Global:

this company which was established in the year 1996, has also served in providing several health facilities globally, along with being an Ibuprofen supplier. The BGP (Biotechnica PharmaGlobal) works in providing integrated pharmaceutical services and provides an entire spectrum of the pharmaceutical services under one single department in order to provide customers with every health care service they require.


This company works as the reference point for the primary pharmaceutical laboratories since almost twenty years now. It serves in the dynamic pharmaceutical field present in the national and international; both criteria. And besides all this, the company also holds a strong place as being one of the Ibuprofen suppliers on a worldwide scale.

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals:

The IOLCP or in other words the IOL chemicals and pharmaceuticals has been serving with it medical service at a wide scale, since about the year 1986. It is known to be one of India’s leading generic pharmaceutical company till date. And if that’s not all, it also serves as a significant player in the Organic chemicals space as well as in the role of supplying Ibuprofen.

Kreative Organics Pvt Ltd:

This well established Ibuprofen supplier company which was established back in the year 1990 and was a project established by Dr. S. serves in not a limited scale but globally  with its significant services. Other than being an Ibuprofen supplier its main aim is to manufacture APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for the market of global scale, since the time of its establishment. And it has successfully maintained the reputation till date.

Mallinckrodt Plc:

This pharmaceutical company is not just a global scale based supplier of Ibuprofen but also has a multibillion dollar specialty  of being a biopharmaceutical company. The company pays heed attention forth focusing on their main mission of managing complex health issues with their manufactured and supplied products and services. Since it has been establishes, its main focus is to improve lives with their healthcare services, which they have been successfully portraying till the present time.


Each of the mentioned Ibuprofen suppliers have served well at a worldwide scale and have earned the highest sale rate with their supply of ibuprofen drug. As a result, the effective medicine has been available in every medical marketplace and hospital to treat serious health conditions and has positively spread a healthier lifestyle worldwide.