Makeup tips suitable while traveling anywhere


Traveling is fun no matter where you go. Who will hate to take a break from his monotonous and exhausting routine?

Of course, no sane mind can hate it. But for some women traveling is more stressful than being fun and enjoyment. This is because they have to deal with dust and other environmental factors that can make them look hideous.

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or a bus, you have to be extra conscious about your makeup routine in order to avoid any trouble during your journey.


Most womenoverpack their bags and later regret it. Well, try to stick to the essentials. No matter what means you are choosing to travel, your luggage is always at the risk of getting damaged. So keep those products that can stand the bumps and hurdles of the road or train.

Moreover, there is no need to pack all your brushes. Keep a beauty blender, a fluffy and eyeshadow brush, and you are good to go.

Keep kits instead of individual shades. There is no need to pack a lot of blush palettes and eyeshadows. A single blush color and a small eye shadow palette can do the job. Do not forget to pack your makeup wipes.

Try to pack those makeup products that take minimum space and have reliable packing. Some makeup kits are very delicate and expensive. A single bump is enough to ruin them. Try to leave such packages at home, else you will regret it.

Skincare Routine

If you want to look fresh and active during your journey, do not forget your skincare routine. Deeply cleanse your skin a day before your travel date. Apply extra moisturizer on your face before going to sleep. This will hydrate your skin, and thus you will look fresh on the next day.

There is no need to add more lumps of foundation or face powder to freshen up your makeup. Remember that the higher the number of layer of foundation, the cakier your face will be. Makeup artist in London suggest using a moisturizer with few drops of fresh water to refresh your makeup.

One of the major problem faced by most women during traveling is the production of an excessive amount of oil on the skin. Use blotting papers instead of tissue to remove extra oil from your skin surface. Do not wipe your face with blotting papers. Instead, dab the blotting papers against the skin. This will allow them to soak an extra amount of water.

Ditch the Foundation

If you want to look fresh throughout your journey, then ditch the foundation. No matter what brand you are using and how much long lasting your foundation is, it can’t resist dust particles while traveling.

There is a lot of dust and wind during traveling. Dust particles can react with your foundation, thus giving you a cakey look. In order to avoid that, ditch the foundation while traveling. Use a BB or CC cream instead. Tinted moisturizers are also available in the market that will give you a fresher look.

It is hard for some people to ditch the foundation. If you are one of those people, then there is no need to worry. Use a high-quality primer that locks foundation with your skin. This will help your foundation to stay in place.

Moreover, keep low on the foundation. Do not use foundation to cover your spots and dark circles. Use concealer for this purpose.

Ditch Matt Lipsticks

Most women apply matt and dry lipsticks or lip gloss to make it last longer. It does more harm than good. This will make your lips dry and patchy, thus applying a matt lipstick is not a good idea.

So, if you want to have a fresh, use a lip tint and lipgloss. Although they will fade away after a few hours, reapply them to have a new and active look. Peel off lipsticks are also very useful for use in traveling. They give your lips a natural tint and makes you stand out in public.

Ditch Eyeshades

No matter what kind of primer you are using, applying eyeshades will only leave regrets. Eyeshades are going to fade away during your journey with dust and sweat.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes, then keep it simple. Use an eyeliner. But do not go deep into the inner corners of your eyes. Try to stick to the outer third. This will give you a more natural look.

Never forget to use mascara if you want to achieve that desired Cutify look. Mascara not only gives you a fresh look but also makes your eyes wide.

Try to avoid a kajal and pencil eyeliners as it will smear and spread away, leaving black spots around your eyes. This will make you look dull.

Other tips

Our above makeup tips are enough for you to enjoy your journey without any trouble. But we have certain rules of thumbs for you to provide the help you further.

  • Do not use bold colors. Whether it is lipstick or blush powder, do not apply dark and bright colors. Try to go with your natural look. Use makeup only to cover minor imperfections or to enhance your features.
  • Use the peel-off nail paints. It is easy to remove such nail paints, and they do not need any remover.
  • Avoid falsies. Whetherit is false lashes or fake nails, it is not wise to apply them. They are not sticky enough to remain attached to your eyes and hands during traveling.
  • While traveling does not rely entirely on makeup wipes. Although makeup wipes remove most of the makeup, but not the dust particles. You must cleanse your face thoroughly after using makeup wipes,

Final Word

We have given a detailed explanation about different makeup tips for travelers.

These are based upon personal experiences, so you need not go anywhere else if you were looking for a guide about traveling makeup routines.

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