Make office carpet last longer with these cleaning tips

Office carpets

On average, offices need to replace their commercial carpet every seven years. Offices that receive a high amount of foot traffic may have to replace it more often

However, commercial carpet can be costly. Chances are, once you replace your carpet, you’re going to want it to last as long as possible.

Not to mention, regular cleaning of your carpets helps to ensure the overall cleanliness of your entire office. The physical appearance of your office makes an immediate impression on any customers that walk in. If customers walk in and immediately notice that there is a giant stain on the carpet, they may have doubts about using your services.

So, use the following tips to ensure that your carpets are as clean as possible!

Vacuum daily

While you may be able to get away with only vacuuming your house once a week, you will need to vacuum your office space more often. This is because your office space will receive a fair amount of more foot traffic than your house! You’ll have dirt and debris coming in off the shoes of your employees and your customers.

Ideally, you should vacuum before employees come in or after they leave. Avoid vacuuming when customers are present because nobody will want to try and talk over the sound of a vacuum.

Develop a maintenance plan

In addition to daily vacuuming, you should also develop a maintenance plan that outlines what you will do in the event of inclement weather. For example, in the winter, customers have mud and salt on their shoes when they come in. This means you’ll need to clean your carpets more often. Also, there might be parts of your office that don’t need to be vacuumed daily. If there is an office that is only used twice a week, you probably only need to vacuum that office once a week.

Know how to deal with spills

At some point, you’re likely going to have to deal with cleaning up a liquid off of your carpet, whether it is from an employee spilling a cup of coffee or from a customer’s toddler getting sick on the floor. Liquids have the potential to stain your carpets. Ideally, you should get as much of the liquid off of the carpet as soon as possible. From there, use a carpet cleaner to help reduce the chances of a stain. The sooner you react, the less likely there will be a stain.

Use door and chair mats

Use mats in areas that receive a heavy amount of foot traffic, such as around doors. Entrance mats can help lessen the amount of dirt that is dragged onto your carpet. Many businesses also use outside mats, which can help absorb some of the dirt before the customer enters the building.

“The bigger the mat, the better it will work” states Richard O’Connor from First Mats, “If you can, use an entrance mat large enough to be stepped on with both feet at least twice to see a noticeable difference to floor cleanliness”.

You might also want to consider using clear, plastic mats under chairs. When chairs roll back and forth across carpet all day, the carpet will eventually begin to wear thin. Putting a plastic mat under the chair can help lessen wear.

Bring in professionals

Your carpet will need to be deep cleaned every few months. This will help get rid of any debris that has become embedded into the fibers of the carpet. Deep cleaning not only helps freshen the appearance of your carpet, but it also removes debris that could trigger people’s allergies.

To find a local cleaning company, try a search such as “carpet cleaners London”. While talking to cleaning companies, make sure to clarify that they have experience maintaining commercial carpets. You’ll also want to confirm what products they use when cleaning.

Know the signs that it needs replacing

Even if you take good care of your office carpet, eventually it will need replacing. Signs that your carpet needs replaced include stains, matting, rips, fraying, and unusual odors. An outdated style also indicates that an upgrade is needed.

When looking at new carpet, remember that darker colors show fewer stains than lighter colors. You may want to opt for a dark grey over a light grey carpet, simply because it’ll be easier to keep clean. Companies with high foot traffic may also want to consider resilient flooring instead of carpet.

In summary

If you’re trying to make your office’s carpet last, you need to keep the carpet as clean as possible. Developing a cleaning plan, having the right supplies available, and working with a professional cleaning company can help. Of course, even with careful maintenance, eventually, the carpet will need to be replaced.