Luxury watch trends this fall: Pick the one that has it all!

luxury watch

“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches”. Clive Owen

There comes a time in life when you start looking for a nice watch that will be your companion over time.

And there are hundreds and hundreds of opportunities.

One thing that seems to live through the ever-changing innovation is the luxury watch industry. Well known luxury watches are there to stay, so if the thought of hunting for your piece of timewear is stuck in your head, here are some guidelines to help you choose your wristwatch this fall.

1. Vintage is classy

Historically inspired, well-known and time-tested designs are the real thing this fall. Retro is the go-to,  a phenomenon of our time, which goes hand in hand with nostalgia and reminisces of better times. Some best sellers are introduced with a modern twist, while their winner-technology is still in place. Opt for the vintage look, it’s timeless and you can never go wrong. 

2. Date and Time Watches

If we put aside the essence of style and class, and speak about functionality, most watches do one simple task- measure time in hours, minutes and seconds.

Currently, many brands, also in the luxury sector give preference to the classic three-handed watch, with date display. The combination of richer functionality while preserving the traditional touch is in trend this season. It’s not to say that you should overlook class, though!

3. Smaller Sizes

Lavish diameters of watches have been the long-dwelling trend for a couple of years. But things are about to change. Case diameters for men’s watches measure an average 39-42 mm this year, and there’s an overall preference for sleek, narrow designs both for men and women. Opt for an average-sized vintage date-and-time piece, and you’ll be top of the trend. 

4. Blue and black

No other color can compete with the ascendency of blue when it comes to watches. Black and grey are still very popular, but even with its fifty shades (no pun intended), blue is still boasting an infinite selection of hues. The evergreen colors like while, black and grey have to give room to the trend this fall, so if you love any shade of blue, now is the time to choose your watch. 

5. Green as a rising trend

With the traditional shades and dominance of blue, there still is lots of room for experimenting, and green seems to be most people’s choice here. The prevalence of this color can easily be seen by looking at the  top ranking of green in the 2018 Spring fashion color trend report of the PANTONE color Institute. So, if you’re looking for something fresh, you can well play along with colors. 

Seems we are all set. Approach the choice of your wrist watch with care- paying much attention to hues, shapes and functionality, technology and design. A well-chosen watch can make any outfit complete, so make a choice that puts the finishing touches to yours!