LunaOne Web 3.0 Virtual Space Brings an Earning, Gaming, and Learning Experience for All

LunaOne is soon to launch its virtual space molding social life events with diverse offers for its users in Q3 2022.


is making the best out of Web 3.0 to create an environment beneficial for education, work, gaming, and conversations. As such, users can employ their daily activities in the virtual space while receiving virtual rewards from the process, usable in real-world experiences.

Furthermore, the project realizes the potential locked in the metaverse industry, expected to grow within the coming years. Likewise, users can expect the LunaOne metaverse to influence different areas of everyday life in a virtual space, including business dealings that are becoming a growing investment within virtual spaces.

The team has one of the most experienced members in the sector contributing to the development of the metaverse. It further boasts several team members from the Forbes 500 companies, increasing its credibility as a whole.

Fully Decentralized Ecosystem

While most platforms boast of decentralization in their ecosystem, most of their services are not. However, LunaOne is changing this narrative by introducing overall decentralized functions to increase the convenience of its services. As it stands, it will be the first metaverse to employ full decentralization in its activities.

Blockchain technology sits at the base of its infrastructure, powering the decentralized blockchain it is working to curate all activities on its metaverse. Further development will require the team to divide all processes into stages to ensure efficient application of its plans.

Starting with governance, the LunaOne ecosystem will depend on the decentralized consensus of the steps taken to progress the metaverse. One of the first steps required in joining the metaverse is to create an avatar that suits your preference. This step gives you the chance to join the LunaOne DAO if you hold its tokens. Consequently, this element allows you to contribute to the decisions necessary for the platform.

The metaverse also offers a decentralized file storage system for secure data handling. The DFS (decentralized file storage) development ended in the last quarter of 2021, being the first feature that have already come to completion. It allows users to distribute data among all the members of the metaverse after connecting and storing it in the DFS.

Another feature is the decentralized communication within the metaverse. It recognizes the essence of efficient communication in the virtual space. Thus, the platform will build a decentralized messenger storing data in the DFS. It will not be limited to the in-verse messenger as users can connect to a separate messenger.

Diverse Services

Besides the decentralized communication, file storage, and other metaverse basics, the LunaOne virtual space hopes to connect third-party vendors outside the space with in-verse services. It will forge partnerships with different companies in business, gaming, and education to bring out the best in the metaverse.

Additionally, it will offer NFTs of different rarities, virtual real estate deals, token sales, streaming, events, among others. It also hopes to introduce AR/VR equipment (haptic suits and face tracking) to make the whole metaverse experience more real than what the industry currently offers.

Everyone can rest easy as the metaverse will be available to many users owning PS5, Xbox, PCs, and mobile devices. Finally, the project will ensure the thorough development of a safe and engaging space to serve all.