Know the career opportunities in the eSports industry


eSports is an emerging industry that is worth millions of dollars and continues to gain interest across the globe.

It refers to a highly competitive online video gaming platform on which professional gamers play in front of a live audience and have licensed channels covering the whole event. But sadly, people unfamiliar with the dynamics of eSports underestimate the worth and potential this niche holds even though after witnessing the immense potential it holds and how it regulates the market with interaction and enthusiasm.

This niche like other niches requires experts to handle them. The states that the eSports industry needs job roles that have to be filled by specialists and not just video gamers. This industry holds the potential of career-making and management just like other industries.

For instance, there is always a need of marketers, management and finance experts who can manage all the aspects of high-profile companies that have immense competition, online running campaigns and billions of sponsorships. Companies such as ESPN, Coke Zero, Red Bull and Intel are supporters of eSports and hence they offer mesmerizing sponsorships to the companies affiliated with eSports. These businesses require community managers who can establish strategic plans for the gamers community, they are always in need of social media managers to regulate the activities and drives on online platforms, etc. therefore like all other industries, eSports too have career development opportunities.

Jobs & Career Development Opportunities in eSports

The competitive video gaming industry is a part of the ever-growing market that has a global audience watching them 24/7. Today, the eSports industry is worth USD 1.1 billion in 2019 that will continue to grow. Hence, finding a career opportunity in the fastest-growing eSports industry is finally becoming a reality and offer multiple career choices to all, gamers or not.

  • Social Media Associate / Managers
  • eSports Reporter / Commentator
  • Event / Product Manager:
  • Booth Planner / Visualization Artist
  • Game / QA Tester
  • Team Coach / Analyst
  • Research Moderator
  • Game Designer / Animator / Motion Graphics Artist
  • Motion Capture Cleanup Artist
  • Head of Gaming Community
  • Game Translator / Localization Coordinator
  • eSports Business Strategy Associate
  • Gear & Apparel Marketing Lead
  • Digital Media Talent Recruiter / Agent
  • Video Gaming Composer
  • International Tax Manager
  • Warehouse Manager

All these jobs that are available in the eSports industry offer lucrative remuneration packages and require not much of the working experience. They offer competitive salaries, genuine career development opportunities, international traveling chance, networking and a chance to get exposure to the latest technologies. All the experts ought to have some know-how regarding the eSports and how the dynamics of the industry work.

In a Nut Shell

If you as an individual really interested in entering the professional world of eSports and looking forward to making a career out of it than stop being confused and go with your guts. The industry offers exceptional growth opportunities with an exclusive chance to learn about the gaming industry more deeply and get first hand-on experience as well.

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash