Is there room for self-taught coders in IT

In this digital age, skills such as coding have become highly sought-after.

Technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives and it often relies upon coding to function correctly.

There are thousands of different coding languages, making the coding industry a vast and varied one.

While schools, colleges and universities are starting to offer lessons and courses on coding, many people are choosing to become self-taught coders. The question is, is there any room for self-taught coders in IT?

Why self-taught coders can be an asset

The thing about self-taught coders, is that they took the time to learn the skills in their own time. This clearly shows a level of passion and interest in coding that candidates with a coding degree may not even have. It’s one thing to learn something at college, but to take it upon yourself to learn additional skills in your spare time is an impressive achievement.

So, due to their passion and interest in the field, self-taught coders can prove to be a valuable asset to a company. That’s why you’ll find many coding job ads on sites such as CV Library, don’t always require a degree. 

Some of the most successful coders are self-taught

Did you know that some of the most successful coders in the world were actually self-taught? Take Steve Wozniak for example. After purchasing a Fortran book in high school, he taught himself how to code before going on to invent the personal computer and becoming a co-founder of the now multi-billion-pound company, Apple.

There are a surprising number of stories like the one above where self-taught coders have become really successful. Why not take a look at some more examples online for inspiration/

Focusing on one language and framework at a time

Becoming self-taught in coding isn’t easy. As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of different languages and frameworks to get to grips with. However, a good tip for those starting out is to focus on learning one language and framework at a time.

Otherwise, it could become overwhelming. Plus, ensuring you become fully skilled in one area, allows you to niche down and improve your chances of getting a job without a degree.

So, is there room for self-taught coders in IT? Absolutely! As long as the candidate can demonstrate their skills and knowledge, they can prove to become an invaluable asset to any business.