Is it better to install an app in the micro SD or in the internal memory of the mobile?

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When looking for a new mobile, one of the questions many ask is what internal storage capacity they need.

They usually come with different specifications, where the internal memory capacity usually goes from 8, 16 to 32 or 64 GB in the most advanced models. The same phone model may have different storage options. If they also support micro SD cards we can be tempted to save on the cost and later expand with one of these cards if we need it. But is it better to install an app in the micro SD or in the internal memory of the mobile?

The first thing we must take into account is the use we are going to give to the external memory. It is normally used to store photos, videos, music, movies or series that we want to enjoy at any time on our phone. It is a compromise solution, where the only advantage is that you can reuse the card in other devices once the phone’s useful life is over. The “reuse” might be a reason of corrupted data but since corrupted SD card recovery software is available, you don’t need to worry.

Install applications on the micro SD card, when is it possible?

Some applications can be installed on the card, but not all. And this is one of the main drawbacks when choosing a cheaper terminal in exchange for a smaller internal storage space. We think that everything can be passed to the micro SD card, but it is not like that.

If we want to save games or applications will be more complicated, especially if we are not advanced users and we have root permissions to install and uninstall at will. This will help solve some memory problems by passing photos and other files to the microSD memory. But when it comes to moving applications or games, things get more difficult.

This is due to Google’s limitations on application developers. In his guide for the creation of apps imposes a series of restrictions. In this way it causes that, although we can pass the apps to the external memory, only those that are simpler will allow us to free space in the internal memory. At the same time if they are simpler, surely they will not be the ones that occupy the most space.

Of the games for example we can almost forget.

In other cases it depends on the manufacturer and how you have configured the terminal. If the micro SD card is not configured as a primary card, it will be almost impossible to move applications unless we are root.

Disadvantages of sacrificing internal memory of the mobile

Take the example of a 64 GB mobile storage or, instead, a mobile with 32 GB of internal storage plus a 32 GB memory. To begin with, we must bear in mind that not all space will be useful. We must discount in both cases what concerns the operating system. At the same time we have to leave a small margin if we want to carry out updates when they are offered to us. Otherwise we will have to uninstall any app to make room for the download of this system update.

In addition, the external card must be formatted for use in the smartphone, so the nominal 32 GB will never be real and probably will not reach more than 30 GB. All this means that if we have opted to reduce internal storage to save some money, we may be making a big mistake. It is true that external memory can be cheaper, but the benefits will not be comparable.