Investment in Costa Blanca: ideas and tips


The Costa Blanca region is a unique and amazing region with an unusual culture, beautiful nature and high standard of living.

Some people just want to visit it, while others want to be able to enjoy all the benefits of relaxing and living here. Car rental services usually help tourists to enjoy the comfort from the trip by car and to make the life of locals more convenient. One of these services is Firefly at Alicante airport that offers to rent a desirable car for good price.

Advantages of investments in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca and, in particular, Alicante, are becoming very interesting for investment. Demand continues to grow year after year, opening up two profitable ways of investing: tourism and construction.

The coast of Alicante has several significant advantages compared to other regions of Spain: hundreds of kilometers of beaches, stable temperatures in the winter and summer (never fall below 16 degrees and does not exceed 35), wide international fame, but especially attracts much more competitive prices than those offered by other cities.

For a foreign investor, we will consider the possibility of starting a business in the province Alicante. If you are interested in starting a business in Alicante and Elche, medium-sized, then here you will find a wide range of services (among which are even services of car hire in Alicante) and a high level of cultural and gastronomic life with great opportunities for development. Provinces such as Calpe, Santa Pola, or Denia retain the charm of fishing villages. Cities such as Tibi or Alka are an alternative holiday destination in the field of mountain tourism and visits to historical sites.

Popular Variants of Investment

Investing in tourism – the purchase of hotels and cottages gives a high return on investment, the demand for apartments is close to 100% all year round, this applies to all hotels of different price categories.

Construction is another great alternative. Of great interest are investments in construction in elite areas such as Altea Hills (Alicante). This place has a limited number of land due to its small territory, as well as the great demand among famous people and connoisseurs of private life.

In any case, the attractiveness of investments in the city should not affect legal problems of any kind, since the law of Spain primarily encourages foreign investors with a 180-day visa (the so-called multi-visa), and if the investment exceeds half a million euros, a two-year residence permit is issued (which includes a work permit).

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Invest in Real Estate

The real estate market is rich and diverse. You can choose a small villa located in Torrevieja or a mansion in the mountains north of Alicante.

According to the economists’ opinion, buying commercial and residential real estate in Spain is a much more profitable investment than investing in a bank or another way of storing (and increasing) your funds.

Often, buying a house, villa or apartment is considered a great way to invest available funds. Costa Blanca is more suitable for this purpose than other regions. Well-groomed, beautiful Spanish houses can be bought at a lower price than the same houses in many other European countries. You just can hire a car in Alicante to make a trip looking for the best place for investments.

Every year a large number of tourists visit Alicante. They are attracted not only by a wonderful vacation on the Mediterranean coast, but also by the knowledge of this incredible country: its culture, lifestyle, architecture, historical monuments. Real estate investment here can be an additional source of income.

Photo by Maksim Ivanov on Unsplash