Interview with the female CEO of the online brand development platform, Gipnetix

Daria Halchak

Women in C-Suite are always interesting and aspiring, but Daria Halchak, the CEO and Founder of Gipnetix PTE LTD, is also a personal and corporate brand development professional with many years’ work experience in the USA.

We’re honored to meet Daria and get to know how she achieved such success in today’s competitive business world.

What is the main idea behind Gipnetix? What is your role at the CEO?

DH: Marketing and especially social media marketing are very dynamic and booming fields. When I had just started my career, I considered social networks as an extremely promising trend.

Today, brand development and positioning in social networks are essential even for large corporations especially in big countries like the USA. This led me to the idea of developing a set of courses for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and even TikTok marketing.

We at Gipnetix help people achieve success. We teach how to develop a personal brand and attract perfect audiences. We don’t just teach social media marketing — we show people how to run their SMM with maximum ROI.

We organize online and offline events, we build brands from public offline events taking into account all the vital nuances. We do all the job starting with working with brand ambassadors to corporate and personal brand development consulting.

As the Founder and CEO of Gipnetix., I hold my duty in providing a great place in the world market of brand development and marketing businesses. My mission is to help people all around the globe believe that they can achieve success easily by developing their personal brand online. And that Gipnetix is here to assist!

Speaking from my work experience in the USA, developing corporate brands is more important now than ever. Being a part of a large corporation is simply not enough in today’s business world.

What has been the key to your own success? What led you to where you are now as a woman CEO?

DH: I would say that the key to my professional and online success were my character traits like aspiration, willingness to learn and patience. It’s important that you continue striving for success even when some of your attempts fail. When I just started developing my personal brand on TikTok and Instagram, it wouldn’t work at first. I failed and tried again and again. And here I am now! It’s my drive that brought me here.

What obstacles do influencers, businesses and just anyone working with social media marketing face today? What would be your advice to help overcome it?

DH: I would say the greatest obstacle people face when trying to become famous or developing their brand or just running ads is the specifics of a younger audience who are most social media users and also the always-changing trends.

Sometimes it may seem difficult to understand millennials, what they want, what they need, what attracts them. Same with trends — they change so quickly and often come completely unexpected. Like no one could even imagine a certain thing ever becoming a trend and suddenly it’s everywhere and everyone wants it. Literally anything can become a trend at any second.

My advice is to keep your individuality. Whether you want to develop your corporate or personal brand or if you just need your ads to perform, you have to stand out. Be creative and try to come up with something original that could become a new trend. Don’t be afraid to try or fail — we’ve all been there. Also, don’t try to do anything to just please your young audience. They’ll simply get bored soon. Try to challenge them, offer something unique, I would even say something epic. That’s how you get their loyalty.