Innovative Tech with trusted engineering is all around us

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We live in a world driven by technology. Let’s face it we all love our gadgets and some more than others.

However, we are moving into an interesting time and place where technology and computers are giving new life and new joy to pre-existing technology.

As the industrial revolution seems to continue onwards the so-called fourth industrial revolution is changing the world around us and chips and bytes are working close with gears and cogs. All around us clever, sometimes even pointless innovation is taking place. Things we need solutions for are becoming a reality and things we never even knew were needed are being invented to perform tasks we never knew we had to do.

High Tech Aircon

Let’s face it, the world is in love with aircon and climate control systems. In many ways, these heating and cooling systems haven’t changed in decades and maybe never will. A series of flaps, vents and control valves allow us to cool a building or room down or heat it up to the ideal ambient temperature. Technology is helping improve on this and not just by switching it off and on.

Tech today can define the ideal temperature of a room for optimal human performance or ensure air cooling or heating is optimally performed. Detecting is a room is empty or full, for example can determine the level of hearing or cool a climate control system should produce. Old school technology has given a high-tech performance boost.

No more cold showers

There is nothing worse fist thing in the morning than having to brace for that first blast of cold water from the shower. To add to this, you need to find that ideal setting for the perfect shower and you just can’t seem to get it right.

Thank goodness for clever technology because this is now a thing of the past. The shower itself has hardly changed in decades, sure there are power showers and different water-saving showerheads but the cold-water syndrome has always been there. Today digital showers are all the rage and these clever systems can warm up the shower before you enter and set the shower to the perfect temperature for your early morning washdown.

The self-park car

Parking up a car park and then having to walk to your door or the entrance of a building is a modern-day pain for many people. Well, this is no longer the case (or soon will not be) as the self-park car is here. This is an amazing concept that allows you to drop yourself off at the entrance to your building and then at the click of a remote send your car off you go and park. Then once you are done in the building simply click the remote or tap your phone again and your car is waiting for you outside and the aircon or heater have also been set perfectly for you.

Life is becoming so much easier today and computers maybe won’t take over the world but they can sure make a difference in the way we do things