How VoIP has affected business

Business woman on phone

VoIP calls allow users not only to make calls on the internet for free (or at a lower rate in comparison with traditional methods), but they also enable users to transfer or display multimedia, such as presentations, via video calls or through messages within the calling apps

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as IP Telephony) has largely changed the way that businesses communicate on a B2B (Business to business) and B2C (Business to consumer) level.

VoIP service providers such as make it possible for users to create their own virtual phone number, and to host calls over the internet, instead of having to solely rely on landlines or mobile cellular networks.

VoIP has not completely replaced traditional methods, such as the aforementioned landlines or mobile networks, but it has enabled users to take advantage of the additional capabilities of the internet within their calls.

How VoIP has transformed businesses for the better

Elsewhere, perhaps the most significant ways that VoIP services have transformed modern business are through the added benefits that they offer, which enable businesses to heighten the level of customer service that they deliver on a regular basis.

Analysing calls

VoIP services enable you to keep an accurate record of your business’ call history, which is extremely useful in terms of measuring the performance of your sales calls. Now you can track important metrics such as the length of calls, hit rates, how many missed calls you receive, the volume of calls, cancelled calls, and the average handling time for a call, just to name a few.


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus are essential for a business in today’s world. Other than providing your business with an automated system that provides important information, guiding your clients to the right customer service personnel, and controlling the flow of calls in an efficient manner, possessing an IVR demonstrates to your clients and potential clients that your business is professional, and understands the ever changing and developing demands of the client.

Businesses simply cannot afford to keep their clients waiting, and IVR menus are one major part of eliminating that eventuality.

Call recording

Recording your business calls is essential in the day to day running of your business. This feature enables you to consistently monitor the service that you are delivering to your clients, by providing you with a means of tracking how your customer service representatives are operating.

So you can make sure that your business is always delivering the high end service that your clients expect. But there’s more! Certain industries, such as the finance industry, are becoming more and more demanding in terms of checking that businesses are compliant with industry regulations, so recording your call history is one of the best ways to demonstrate that your business is compliant.

Elsewhere, call recording is also useful for checking on order details (as a backup, in case information is misplaced), and can also be used as a way to project your business in the event of disputes.