How useful are GPS trackers for business?

GPS trackers can play a very positive role within a business, regardless of the industry or sector.

GPS trackers allow management to have real time tracking of a person or object. Most modern GPS trackers, readily available from firms like Manchester business security experts OSS Technologies, come with smartphone or tablet software. This software can be used to have a continuous view of what you are tracking, allowing you to make quicker and more effective business decisions.

When approaching the topic of trackers within your business, it is vital you have an open conversation with your employees about what is being recorded and data security. The number one concern of employees regarding GPS tracking, is being tracked outside of work, which is illegal and would only damage business reputation. Employers should show employees exactly what is being monitored and how the system will not operate outside of working hours. Using GPS tracking in the workplace is only effective, if all parties understand and agree to their usage.

Better time keeping

GPS trackers allow for more efficient and accurate time keeping, which benefits not only management, but also employees. Keeping track of your hours as a worker can be difficult, as it’s easy to forget to write down your working hours, or write down the wrong times. This can leave staff being underpaid, with no evidence that the information is incorrect. Using GPS tracking to track workers’ hours, eliminates human error and streamlines the payroll process. Using GPS tracking systems, when staff leave the building GPS trackers can detect and alert management of staff entering and leaving work. Within the case of managing a fleet of vehicles, vehicles fitted with trackers can be recorded entering the business premise after work has finished. Using GPS to keep record of employees’ working hours also keeps management records correct.

Better communication

GPS trackers can increase the flow of communication throughout your business. Geofencing is a very handy capability of GPS tracking systems which can increase business efficiency. A geofence is an area that is drawn on a map, if employees leave or come into this area, management will automatically be sent push notifications. Geofencing is great for business security, as it allows management to ensure that drivers stay on their prescribed route. Geofencing is also great for customers, as they can receive a more proactive customer service. When a GPS tracked vehicle enters a geofenced zone, an automatic alert can be sent to a customer, telling them their delivery is nearby. This will make drop offs quicker, whilst providing a more attentive service experience.


GPS trackers can be used to collect data and insight into which aspects the business could be improving on. Idle time can be monitored, through tracking, allowing management to understand which routes are consistently slow and have more traffic. GPS trackers also will allow management to better plan for costs like fuel or travel, as they can map out the expected journeys, how long they take, and the fuel they require. Overall, GPS trackers can help strengthen a businesses everyday processes, helping things run that little bit smoother.