How to watch Netflix US and Disney+ in the UK


The Holiday season has come upon us, and so is the time to rest those tired limbs.

Brits like to spend their holidays in blankets, watching their favorite movies and TV shows on online streaming channels.

But while they have all the time in the world to watch their favorite content, the libraries they have access to often fail to meet their cravings.

People living in the UK won’t be happy to learn that the Disney Plus channel is yet to launch in their region. The channel will launch in the UK in the coming year which is why it is most likely that the Brits would have to spend their 2019 holidays without it.

And while popular channels, such as Netflix, are available in the United Kingdom, the library that they offer is smaller compared to the one available in the US.

But you shouldn’t let these unnecessary restrictions ruin your Holiday mood because there is a way that would help you access the best libraries of Netflix and Disney Plus from your region!

How to access American Netflix and Disney Plus in the UK?

Online restrictions are a hassle for streaming lovers worldwide. Streaming channels tend to favor one country over the others and offer a select few content in these locations. Thankfully, there is a way that helps users bypass these restrictions and access their favorite libraries from anywhere.

In a world where online freedom remains restricted to this day, VPN services offer a ray of light to all netizens. A VPN helps you change your IP address with ease. And since your IP address determines your location, you can use this feature to your advantage.

When you connect to an excellent VPN service, it connects you to a server at another location. And since your online traffic passes through that particular server, your IP location also switches to that area.

Streaming channels and other websites trace your location via your IP address. By changing your IP address, you can trick those websites into thinking that you live in another region, and you can, therefore, access this channel with ease.

But Can You Access Netflix US and Disney Plus with a VPN?

That depends on the VPN that you are using. Not every VPN service can offer connectivity to your favorite channels. These channels are smart, and they’ve learned to detect if a person is using a VPN or proxy to access the channel. Only the best VPN services can offer connectivity to these channels, which is why we recommend PureVPN!

Unlike most other VPN services, PureVPN has set up exclusive servers in the US and other regions to offer access to Netflix and Disney Plus. When connected to PureVPN, people in Great Britain can easily access Netflix US and Disney Plus on any device they want!

Why Should You Choose PureVPN?

PureVPN has been the most prominent player in the VPN industry for the past twelve years. It is considered one of the most reliable VPN services and also the most secure. It focuses heavily on offering you with the best online security and privacy features. It is also one of the very few VPN services that have been audited and certified for their zero-log claims.

PureVPN has got over 2,000 servers in 140 countries. These include specialized servers in the US that offer connectivity to Netflix US and Disney Plus from anywhere. These servers are kept optimized at all times to provide users with the fastest streaming experience.

And if all of this wasn’t enough, the service has also launched its Christmas VPN deal, which offers PureVPN account at the lowest price possible!

In this deal, users can enjoy 5 years of PureVPN at the small price of $79 only! This price comes after a mind-blowing discount of 88%!

This means that a plan which usually costs $657 is now available for just $79! Peanuts, isn’t it?

So grab PureVPN’s Christmas deal while it is still available and enjoy streaming your favorite channels this Holiday season!