How to use RetroArch Emulator to play Super Nintendo Games on your iPhone


With jailbreaks in short supply right now, millions of users have lost the ability to play their favourite console games on their iOS devices using the popular games emulators from Cydia.

There is now a non-jailbreak solution for anyone wishing to play Super Nintendo games on their iPhone or iPad, and it’s called RetroArch.

What is RetroArch?

RetroArch is a games emulator app that allows you to play console games on your iOS device. It is incredibly simple to use and works on all major platforms. Offering an organized way of accessing and playing your games, RetroArch will automatically configure any joypad that you connect to your iPhone or iPad, providing you with an experience as close to console gaming as you will get on a non-console device. And, if you wanted more, then RetroArch also allows you to record your gameplay and take full advantage of a games library that is being constantly updated.   Perhaps the best news, apart from not needing a jailbreak to work, is that it is completely free to download and use.

How to Download RetroArch:

Downloading RetroArch is quite simple to do, but you can forget the official app store. Apple will not support games emulators for iOS 13 devices and will do anything they can to stop you from using them. The easiest way to install RetroArch is to install TweakBox app installer first. An unofficial app store. TweakBox is home to more than 2000 modified apps and games, emulator apps, Cydia tweaks and more we’re going to show you how to download it to get RetroArch emulator on your device today.

  1. Using Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, go to the official TweakBox page and download the installer
  2. Tap on the TweakBox icon on your homepage – if you get an Untrusted Developer error, see below for steps on resolving it
  3. Use the search bar to find RetroArch and tap on the result
  4. Tap Install on the app page when it opens and wait; when RetroArch is installed you will see the icon on your home screen, and you can use it

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

The Untrusted Developer error is just one way that Apple attempts to stop you using apps like RetroArch on your device. Because the app is unofficial, the developer is not recognized and not trusted. As a result, the app will not work until this is resolved. All you need to do is tell Apple that the  developer is trusted and here’s how:

  1. Open your Settings and tap on General
  2. Go to Profiles and find the developer name in the list of app profiles
  3. Tap the name and tap on Trust
  4. Close Settings and you should find that RetroArch works just fine

How to Stop RetroArch Crashing:

RetroArch is an unofficial app, and Apple will do all they can to prevent you using it. One way is that they will revoke the certificate and RetroArch will crash, as will any game you are playing. If this happens, you need to reinstall the app, but this will happen regularly. Instead of being caught in an endless cycle of crashing and reinstalling, just install one of our recommended VPN’s. This will hide where your apps are downloaded from, and Apple will not be able to revoke the app certificate.

Fixing Other Issues:

There are a couple of errors that you might come across when you use TweakBox, but they are simple to solve:

White/Blank Screen:

This is very common and looks worse than it is. To fix it:

  1. Open Settings and tap on Safari
  2. Tap the option to Clear Website Data

Try TweakBox, and the screen will be back to normal. The same steps can be used if your app icon is greyed out.

TweakBox Stopped Working:

This is down to the app source being unverified:

  1. Delete TweakBox and reboot your device
  2. Install TweakBox again and then open your iOS Settings app
  3. Go to General > Profiles and find the relevant app certificate
  4. Tap it and then tap on Trust or Verify
  5. Close Settings, TweakBox will work

RetroArch is fast becoming incredibly popular, so give it a go for all your gaming needs today. You can follow us on Facebook for more gaming tips.