How to unlock my iPhone in the USA


The ever increasing prices of phone service and to cope up with the poor service, you can try unlocking your iPhone through IMEI unlock.

It is by far the safest and reliable way to unlock your iPhone from the inconsistent service of its locked-in carrier. Unlocking your iPhone can help you use your phone abroad without extortionate roaming charges.

iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the world. The only problem here is it is attached to a carrier and they have the power to charge as much as they like and there’s barely anything you can do about it. Once unlocked you can use your device with any network provider in the world. It also means that all the apps in your device will work without restrictions.

The device, once unlocked, remain so lifetime and hence you can even upgrade the iOS version, sync with iTunes, restore, or reset the iPhone. You can unlock any phone by IMEI permanently.

How to know if my iPhone is unlocked?

In order to check if your iPhone is unlocked, simply insert a sim card and if it displays incorrect sim card inserted or iPhone has a sim card from a different network, it means that your device is still locked. You can also check IMEI service to know the original carrier of your iPhone.

You don’t need to do anything, you give the IMEI number to a company, they click a button to change your device status to unlocked from the database, you reset your device, and you’re allowed to use any carrier you want.

With the surge in iPhone sales, the number of fake companies claiming that they can unlock your iPhone also increased. It is difficult to find a company that can actually help you unlock your device and provide real value for the money.

Then there are certain companies that will unlock your iPhone but then give you a limited choice of carriers to use on the device. Also, you will need a company that does the desired work on time and professionally. The 3 leading providers of IMEI unlock for iPhone are Mobile Unlocked, DoctorUnlock and Movical.

On an average DoctorUnlock is 17% cheaper than other companies who claim that they can unlock your iPhone. All you need to do is note down your IMEI number (you can find the IMEI number of your phone by dialing *#06# or you can also find it on the backside of your phone) and model of your iPhone. Visit their website and enter the requested details and choose your desired payment method.

In order to unlock your phone through Movical, you should first purchase the unlocking, post which you’ll receive a mail stating that your device is now unlocked. You can then connect your iPhone to a PC using a USB cable and your phone will be unlocked forever. You can also check if your iPhone is unlocked or not by connecting to the Apple servers. Once unlocked, you can use carriers of your choice.

There are other ways as well to unlock the iPhone such as software and hardware unlocking. In software unlocking, you download software which then asks you for your permission to make changes in the internal configuration and then allows you to make calls from any carrier. But this stopped working on iPhone 4 and above. It is also prone to hacking, so the use of software unlocking is not advisable.

In hardware unlocking, you alter the physical hardware of your device to redirect calls through an alternate path. Hardware unlocking doesn’t work in 70% of the cases. Worst case, you will pay to destroy your iPhone. Yes, you heard that right, as once opened your device will be exposed to dirt and dust or maybe water which can damage your device. Also, you will need to pay a high amount to crack open your device.

Apart from allowing you to use any carrier, unlocking your iPhone through IMEI unlock also maintains the warranty of the device. Movical even provides 100% money back guarantee, if they cannot unlock your device.


Before you pay to any company for unlocking your device, please read the reviews online and check the overall rating of the company. Some companies even destroy the iPhone in the process of unlocking it. Since all GSM phones are quad-band, you need not worry about the operators as it is compatible with all the network operators around the world.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash