Dodge making rookie mistakes while applying for a loan in the UK – Don’t get rejected

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Life throws you towards an array of situations, some of which are avoidable and some unavoidable.

You may have come across purists who will tell you that they never take resort to loans as they don’t want the tension of debt in their heads, it is true at the same time that there are scenarios when taking out personal loans can be the most useful option.

Whether you’re planning to buy a new car or you’re striving to pay back your wedding loan expenses or you’re meeting your medical emergencies, there are several situations where availing a loan is the handiest option.

While you may grab cheap personal loans from the best online resources like, wouldn’t you like to know more on the ways in which you can boost your chances of getting approved for the proceeds of the loans? Check out few basic tips to follow in order to guarantee an approval of your application.

Double-check your credit score so that it meets the requirement

Your credit score is undoubtedly one of the main factors which lenders take into account while applying for a loan, particularly unsecured loans. Different loans have their own minimum credit score requirements that the borrower has to meet for grabbing the loan.

Now the problem is that all lenders don’t have a stellar credit score and this is when the lender can reject your application. If you’re not certain about whether your credit score will qualify for the loan or not, wait and talk to the lender before applying.

The employment demands have to be met

Though there are lenders that will consider income that comes from different sources, yet this is not always true. There are times when freelance work or child support payments aren’t deemed as a worthy income source. The lender of the loan will ask you to be employed with a company for a minimum number of years to be able to take out a personal loan.

Control your outstanding debt ratio

Your DTI or debt-to-income ratio is a measurement of the amount that you may borrow against your income. This ratio not only tells your lenders about the fact that you can pay back the loan amount every month but it also implies how much responsible you are with your finances. If you have a high DTI ratio, this means you’re using too much of your dollars for repaying your loans. This is when you should decide to pay off few of your debts.

Have adequate collateral

There are few loans; particularly those that are taken from banks will ask you to offer collateral for borrowing the loan. You can either provide a part of your property or you can simply offer liquid money which can be used by the lender in case of default. In case of a default, you will risk losing your property or your liquid money.

The purpose of the loan should be allowed

Though the proceeds of personal loans can be used in any manner, yet not all lenders will allow the loans to be used in any way that you want. For instance, you won’t be able to utilize the loan proceeds for education or business purposes.

There is no specific way to guarantee that your personal loan application will always be approved by the lending company. Even though you meet each and every eligibility criteria that are listed by the lender, the lender can still reject your application for any unknown reason.

Hence, you’ve got to stay prepared. You may also check out Google store financial to stay aware of the personal loan options.