How to save money on heating this winter

House in snow

When the winter season comes around, the temperatures go down, sweaters pulled on and heaters turned on.

The fall comes and the people are tempted to turn on their heating systems whole day to keep them warm inside their house. However, continuous use of heating and heating increases the energy consumption which adds on to your energy bills. Sometimes the bills can add up to a fair bit because heating takes up quite a bit of energy unless you take some steps to reduce that usage. These tips will help you to stay warm and save up some cash on those energy bills.

Using a Lower Thermostat Setting

Nest Thermostat

You need to know your thermostat controls. You can turn the temperature down to save up your energy bill. A temperature drop of even one degree can save up to 3% of your energy bill over a 24 hour period. To put it in context; by lowering the thermostat one degree can save around £75 a year. When you are sleeping or are away from home, you can set the thermostat to 55 degrees. Other than that, you can set the thermostat to 68 degrees. This practice can save up to 15% of the energy bills. Depending on your thermostat you can even set the automatic change of temperature according to the time.

Dress Warmer

Warm clothes

One way to keep yourself from cold is to wear warm clothing all the time. Have yourself packed with layers of clothing so you aren’t tempted to turn on the heating system potentially saving up on your energy bill. This is the most basic way to keep yourself warm without using heating appliances.

Seal Your House

Most of the time the house isn’t properly sealed which allows hot air to go out and cool air to come in. Maybe this is the reason that your house isn’t properly warmed and not an issue with your central heating boilers. This is also a reason that you may have your heating system turned on for prolonged periods. Close the windows, seal the chimney and dryer vent so that your house is as packed as it can possibly be. You can then feel the difference yourself and may even have the need to turn the thermostat down a few degrees.

Use the Natural Sunlight to Your Advantage

Roof sky

The cheapest and easiest way to have your house ventilated with warm air is to open the windows and curtains whenever the sun is out. You don’t need an energy consuming heating system just let the heat of the sun flow through the house during the day and close them at dusk.

Make Sure the Vents and Radiators Are Cleared

Sometimes dust and debris get stuck in the central heating vents and radiators, blocking the hot air from flowing throughout the house. Cleaning the vents from time to time can cut up the energy bills due to the lessening of the strain on the central heating and a healthy solution too because of the removal of many allergens.