How to rush your passport renewal in America

US passport renewal

There are certain situations when you may need expedited passport services.

In normal cases, you would apply using the normal channels, submit the required documentation and pay the necessary fees, after which you will have to wait for a few weeks before your passport is out.

For most people, such a process usually is sufficient. And again, others are simply lucky to not have to worry about such when they are headed to certain countries. For example, an American headed to Canada will not require much after they get the Canada ETA.

However, you may be faced with a situation where you can’t afford to wait for weeks or even days to have your passport back. It is during such instances when you seek help from expedited passport service providers who will help you jump all the hoop and let you get your passport as soon as possible.

Instances when you may need expedited passport services

As noted earlier, not always will you need faster passport processing. However, there are those specific instances when you may have a great need to have your passport sooner than the normal time taken to process one. Situations may vary from one individual to another, but here are some of the occasions when you may think of using such services-:

  1. When you need it right now– you may need to have a passport right now when you have a life or a death emergency. Either you have to travel to save a life, or you have had a death in the family, and it is imperative to leave and attend to the grief. In such an instance, you can get your passport as soon as possible. It may not be within a day, but it will not take more than eight business days after the application before you get it.
  2. In need of a foreign visa in 4 weeks– if you have to make a trip to a foreign country in a relatively short period, say in four weeks, then you may also need to use expedited passport services to have your passport back in good time so that you can apply for the foreign visa. It usually takes about two weeks to get a visa, and so if you have one month to go, you must apply for the visa at least two weeks before the date of departure. As such, the passport will be out in two weeks so that you use it to get the visa in another two weeks.
  3. When you need it in less than six weeks– routine passport application may sometimes take up to six weeks or more to complete. If you are faced with a situation where you need the passport back before the six weeks are over, then you can always think about expediting it. Maybe you are in no particular hurry to leave, but again you can’t afford to wait for the whole six weeks for you to get the passport.

Why Use Passport Expeditor

It will interest you to note that going for expedited passport services is not just about getting your passport faster, though this is usually the main reason. Even if you didn’t have to leave in a hurry, you could still use these services for a whole range of benefits. To begin with, in the United States, expediting your passport through a registered agency costs less than double of what the government would charge you if you were to use the normal method.

But you should be advised that the costs will vary from one service provider to another and depend on how urgent you need the passport. Below are some of the nice benefits that come with using the services of a passport expeditor to get your passport quickly-:

You avoid long delays

When you apply for a passport through the State Department, you will be required to submit specific documentation to facilitate the processing of the visa. If by any chance the State Department determines that they need additional documents from you, they will send you a letter, and as you are well aware, this might take days or weeks before arriving at your box mail.

But with a registered passport expediting services, if such additional documents are needed, they will just call you or send you an email which you will get within a short time. As such, the agency shall have saved you from lengthy and unnecessary delays.

Frees up your time

Visiting the State Department or an agency to process your passport can sometimes be time-consuming. If you happen to do this during peak travel times, then you may end up spending many day and endless hours trying to get this vital travel document. However, if you enlist the services of a registered passport expeditor, they will do all the heavy lifting for you so that you focus on other aspects of the travel. Though you will be paying them, they will be saving you a lot of stress and your valuable time.

You get personalized services

The State Department will always be there whether or not you get your passport in time. But this is never the case with passport expediting services. This is because they need to offer quality and timely services for them to remain in business. As such, they will always treat you professionally and with great respect so that they may maintain their reputation and continue being in business. They understand that if they lag in the quality of their services, then they may as well run out of business. Therefore, with them, you are guaranteed very good services.

They save you money

To the layman, expedited passport services may be expensive, but when you take a deeper look at it, they save you money. If you have to travel to the regional agency for your passport processing, you will incur additional costs which you may not think count towards the cost of your passport. For example, you will have to pay gas and parking fees, drive or wait in the line for long hours and you may probably eat something during the time. If you add such and other related expenses, you will realize that passport expeditors can save you a lot of money.