How to Reduce Staff Turnover by Prioritising Wellbeing

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Keeping staff turnover at a minimum can seem like it’s out of your hands, but you can reduce this through prioritising wellbeing. Learn more here.

The focus on employee wellbeing has never been more crucial than it is today. With many organisations offering excellent employee benefits, attracting and keeping the best members of staff can be a challenge for any company.

There are measures that an organisation can take to show that workplace wellness is a priority, which can help to increase employee retention, and improve staff turnover.

Introduce corporate wellness programs

While organisations have a responsibility to support employees, members of the team can be given the tools to educate themselves on corporate wellbeing.

To help control high levels of stress, and teach employees to manage wellbeing at work, introduce corporate wellbeing programs. Mindfulness training, stress management and courses on mental health in the workplace can give team members the tools they need to recognise and manage their own wellbeing.

If employees feel as though management are prioritising their workplace wellbeing, they are much more likely to feel valued, enjoy working for the company and continue their career at the organisation.

Promote a good work life balance

While companies are looking for their employees to dedicate themselves to their career, if each member of the team has a poor work life balance, their wellbeing will be affected, and they risk burning out.

During their working day, focus should be completely on the tasks at hand, but if employees have no time for social or personal activities, they will become stressed and productivity will suffer as a result.

By promoting a healthy work life balance, organisations will demonstrate to their team that although they expect commitment to their work, their personal lives are equally as important. Overwork and underappreciation is much more likely to increase staff turnover, than if employees feel supported.

Reward employees

Progression and personal development is a great way to reward employees and ensure they’re satisfied in their position. Offering opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in their role in order to progress in the team, will ensure employees feel valued.

Organisations should work hard to review each member of the team’s position, and offer them additional responsibility where necessary, to help keep staff turnover to a minimum.

Encourage a good workplace culture

Increasing employee retention is paramount to creating a thriving organisation. If members of the team do not have positive working relationships, or the culture of the company is unsupportive, the workforce may be unable to achieve their full potential.

Encouraging a culture of open communication, mutual support and a focus on workplace wellbeing can ensure your workforce turnover is minimal.

If an organisation is looking to increase employee retention, and ensure every team member feels supported and valued, these tips are a great place to start.