How to prevent compulsive gambling


What is Compulsive Gambling?

Online gambling has become a huge market over the last few years. More and more people are entering the industry in various roles in hopes of making quick bucks. While it has proved successful for many gamblers, some simply drown in the bog. Gamblers often tend to become addicted to the game play and bet more money they can afford.

Compulsive gambling is becoming a major problem in the iGaming industry. While it is a major issue for the gamblers, it is also an over arching concern for the online casinos and betting companies. Hence, more and more casinos are bringing in a set up that could help gamblers to keep themselves in check. Also, they are partnering with verified organisations which could help the players in need.

Signs that you are getting addicted

One major step to prevent compulsive gambling is to identify that you are starting to become addicted.

  • If you often find yourself chasing your losses by trying to win back more money, it is one big red flag.
  • Another red flag is that you are finding yourself in need of borrowing more money to play further.
  • If you are feeling the need to hide your gambling activities from your spouse or family, you are definitely doing something wrong.
  • You are starting to soak up in guilt or regret about gambling.
  • If you are repeatedly losing track of time, it is definitely affecting your life in bigger ways than you can imagine.
  • Another major marker of identifying your addiction is constant anxiety, unreasonable stress or effects on your health like headaches etc.

Test yourself if you are addicted

A number of verified websites provide online tests where you can check if you are starting to become addicted. Some of these websites are- Problem Gambling Foundation, Test Your Gambling, Safer Gambling, Oasis Gambling Screener, Salvation Army, Family and Whānau Quiz, Salvation Army, Canadian Problem Gambling Index, in both traditional and simplified Chinese. Even if you turn out to be not addicted, a gambler must regularly refer to these tests to simply keep a check on himself and avoid any unwanted situations.

Support Channels for preventing Compulsive Gambling

There are many ways in which you can control your gambling activities and many channels where you can find appropriate support when needed.

  • One of the major support channel is financial counselling. It becomes greatly helpful as it enables you to reflect upon your financial stability and make informed decisions about your gambling situation.
  • Another channel that is mostly required is for mental health issues. If you have been feeling stressed or anxious or largely unwell due to gambling, help is near. You can seek counselling for both yourself and your family when needed.

Certain people associate seeking the help of GP or psychologist with shame or stigma and might feel hesitant in coming out and seeking help. But these conversations happen in safe space and are confidential. You simply need to reach out and help is not far.

What preventive measures can I use to manage my gambling?

While seeking professional help is highly recommended, there are many things you can do yourself to manage your compulsive gambling or even prevent it.

  • A lot of gambling websites offer self exclusion services now. You can simply self exclude yourself wherein the casino will ban you from entering again. This can be done for a set period of time or for forever.
  • A gambler can also set deposit limits for himself while gambling. Once you set this limit, the casino won’t let you bet more than it. You can also choose to take only cash, further limiting yourself.
  • One can also set the limit on the time of gambling. You can simply set up the days and time when you can gamble. This reduction in the time of gambling can go a long way.
  • Also, the time that you have saved from not gambling, you can spend it with your family or take up a hobby. You can also spend it in socializing or taking up extra work.
  • Another way is simply a change of perspective. You may choose to look at gambling as a way of having fun rather than a means of earning quick money. This can be most helpful and in more ways than you can imagine.

A lot of websites that promote responsible gambling like on, you can seek help anytime you want. These organisations understand the importance of responsible gambling and will help when needed.