How to improve product photos for ecommerce success


Creating the best ecommerce photo makes an impression and enhances the product’s grasped worth.

It’s up to your e-commerce product photo whether the customer clicks the “buy” button or “back” button.

When generating an online selling product store, an attractive photo of your product is highly required. Using an image to advertise your product is the best way to improve eCommerce success. Product photos are of two types:

The first type is the clean-cut image of the product having a white background that is going to advertise.

The second type is the contextual form or an environment of the lifestyle where the product will be used.

People only purchase that product, which is looking pleasant to the eyes. If you have a Best product photo, the customer will be considered about your product or might be purchase after a while. 90% Credit goes to Best product photos.

Capturing awesome photos of products is not as easy as it seems. Most of the sites have such type of product photos that disappointed the customers. Every store owner should know how much important it is to showcase the best product photos by taking professional photo editing services.

When you open a store, whether it is an online store or not, It is all started with the qualitative photos of the products. The product photos play a significant role in getting customer attention to the product.

Five Tips to Improve your Ecommerce Product Photos


  • The first thing you have to keep in mind is consistency in your product photos. Set a central theme for each product photo. That is how your product’s imaginary effects improve.
  • When you are uploading several images with the same theme, on your eCommerce store, it will look like a part of the same class instead of different images picked from the internet.
  • Avoid uploading the product photo with a lot of different sizes and structures. Pixelated images never transport your customer to your store. Your entire goal is to get positive attention to your e-commerce store.
  • Avoid providing a complicated image that is a significant cause for turning off your sales. It could be tough to maintain a consistency level for a dropshipping website. You have to put an effort & become capable of what customer required from your store.
  • Consistency is also shown in the number of photos you are uploading. Fix the number for the photos that are to be uploaded. Get the accurate number of photos you are going to capture.
  • Most probably, up to three photos are enough to be shown to the customer. If you own a fashion brand, eight pictures are enough to show to the customer.
  • Well, it is not confirmed yet, that how many pictures should be captured. Information is variables about it. It is up to you how your product is and what quality it has. It also depends on the improvement of your product photos.
  • Clipping path service is also available to get the better effects of the photos. It can improve your ecommerce photos and give the output as per your requirement.

Magic Of White Background:

  • Most of the eCommerce stores have products with white background. In fact, most of the e-commerce platforms advise keeping a white background for their product photos.
  • The reason behind it is straightforward. It reduces the inessential distraction and disturbance, which create a messy look. It creates a consistency level that the consumer gets attentive rapidly, to the product.
  • “Main product photos should have a white background, but that doesn’t mean these images have to be simple. The main photo is what the consumer is going to see first; they should have a white background,” says Drew Kalinski, founder of Amztut.
  • A white background generates a clean-cut professional finishing look as the customers recognize your store when they see the same themed images of the product.
  • On the other hand, some products catch customer attention when captured in a natural environment. Such as a photo of a table lamp looks perfect when captured along with a table.

Set the Enough Lighting

  • Your perfect e-commerce product photo depends on enough lighting as per the popular expression “the lighting is everything.”
  • When taking product photos, good lighting converts your image into a valuable product instead of a wicked photo that’s dismissed by the customers, and they only overlooked it.
  • Remember one thing that the customer purchases the product after seeing a photo of the product. If it seems right, the customer automatically gets attracted to that product.
  • Product photos look attractive when taking in natural daylight. It’s an ideal theme to distribute soft light across your product so that it can create an original look of the product photo.
  • You cannot always take photos in natural light. Artificial light could also be used with some experimental props like an umbrella, or relevant props to the products.
  • If you want to add a little more attraction in your photos, add some props relevant to the product. It can be enhanced the chance of customers’ attention towards your product.
  • People believe in the appearance of things in life. Human is visual creatures; that’s why they always look keenly at something before purchasing it.

Show Different Angles:

  • Sometimes it is compulsory to take photos from different angles. It makes an exceptional impression on shoppers.
  • You have to figure out with some experiments which angle get more attraction to the people and what angled photo the customer responds the best.
  • Testing the images is also necessary as you will figure out what type of angles the shoppers engage with and consider to buy it. “When optimizing your product photography, always keep track of the changes you make,” says Kalinski.
  • Place the product in such an angel that its shape and usage visualize clearly. Some photos are captured in specific angles that a single photo is enough to describe the entire purpose of the product.
  • “Try changing the angle of your main product image or have the product take up a larger amount of space in the image,” says Kalinski.
  • 90-degree angles are used to get the best product photos. You can also take 360 degrees pop-up photos, which is a modern way to attract customers to the product.
  • 360-degree pop-up photos are becoming more and more popular, especially among e-commerce store owners. Transfer the images through a photo editor software that cleans the image from any imperfections.

A Comprehensive Description of Product:

  • When it comes to uploading the product image online, a detailed description of the product is necessary.
  • When you have a variety of product photos, you also need to give a backup detail about the product, including its uses, its quality, and many more written in a comprehensive product Description.
  • Most of the customers never buy the product as it seems only beautiful, not much more. They need to read the description before buying the product. It is part of the e-commerce online business.
  • When the shopper sees the same product at any other online store, they start a comparison between the stores. Write an emphasizing description that gives all the answers to the shopper & he or she will buy the product from your store.
  • Customers use the product description so that they can make a final decision to buy that product or not. You should also describe the size of the product you have to take a picture. Describe it carefully in the description so that the customers quickly get to know about the size.
  • By offering a precise description, shoppers not only browse your eCommerce store but also buy the products from making you concentrate on your business development.

These are the general tips to be followed to improve the best e-commerce product photo. People become more intelligent in their perspectives. They know very well what things are useful to be purchased and what is not.

Store owners are also well aware of the requirements of the consumers. They up to date their online marketing with time and with the improvement of customer’s needs. The product photo is the first significant step to advertise your online store. People usually want to see the exact image of the product they want to purchase.

If you own an online firm, you should also get to know about how online marketing has competitors now. There is vast competition in the online market. You have to compete with them by showing your best. If there is some little blunder happened by you, the competitors will take your place immediately.

However, being a part of online marketing, you should know about everything that is needed to run the online store, including the best product photos. Images are the backbone of the product advertisement. The customer observes the products immediately if the product photo captured very well. You have to know some rules of photography to take pictures of the products. Otherwise, you will have to hire a photographer to take the best e-commerce product photos for your store.