How to get more YouTube views


Since its inception, YouTube continues to attract millions of users across the world. It is currently one of the most populous social media platforms.

At the same time, YouTube has become the favorite for most video creators, as it provides the kind of audience that other platforms can only envy.

And even though YouTube is the people’s choice for video marketing campaigns, getting traction on this platform is never a walk in the park. Without a good following, then all your hard work will be in vain. This is why knowing how to get more YouTube views becomes necessary for you to build a successful marketing campaign.

This article provides a clear guide on how one can get more YouTube views for his content on YouTube.

Understand your audience

The first step when it comes to increasing YouTube views is to understand the customers. This is crucial since you cannot claim to want to increase views from people you don’t understand.

Understanding your audience will enable you to generate content that is not generic, but one that can keep them interested and look forward to more. Apart from creating relevant content for your audience, understanding them is also critical in coming up with adverts that target them.

You need to understand that you cannot know all your audience in an instant. You will need quite some time to learn about their trends and habits. But tools like the analytic can help you unravel the kind of audience you are dealing with and thus work towards giving them what they want. YouTube polls can also be sued to get an overview of what the audience is like. The YouTube Community Page will prove vital when creating these polls.

Cross-promote the YouTube content

As an online entrepreneur, you most definitely have other social media channels where you promote your content and products. Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are vital for you to get more YouTube views for your YouTube channel.

The best way to cross-promote is to share every video that you publish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels. This way, your followers on these platforms might click on the link on the video, follow it to YouTube, and this will count as an additional view for you. Are you have a lot of friends on these channels, then you can be sure to get so many views from them.

Invest in the whole process

Marketing is never easy, especially for those with light pockets. You realize that getting your first 1000 YouTube views can be a real hustle, and many have actually given up even before they reach 1000 views on their channels.

Most of the well-established brands have a secret that they use to beat upcoming brands. This is to buy YouTube views from well-established platforms such as Socialboss and others. These website pride themselves in the provision of genuine and active YouTube profiles that can give you legit views for your videos.

You need to note that online vendors can be ingenious at times and provide you a lot of YouTube channels that are not active. When you get views from such channels, then your channel might be at risk of being ranked so low since YouTube algorithms can tell genuine views from active users from those that are from bots.

Let your titles be descriptive and keyword-rich

We need to remember that while focusing on ads can bring some good results, it comes at a cost that your business might not be ready for. Instead of investing lots of cash in ads, you can focus on creating a really interesting title with proper keywords for your videos.

But note that not all keywords are good for your content. Some of the keywords you find with very high search volumes might actually take way too long to rank and bring your more YouTube views. Tools such as keyword planner can be important to you for keyword research. This tool will help you understand the popularity of a given keyword on google.

Utilize tags

YouTube video tags are also very important in the quest to have a lot of the content get ranked by the YouTube algorithm and thus help you get more YouTube views. The proper use of YouTube video tags helps the YouTube algorithms distinguish between what viewers will be able to see, and thus ranked it high in the search engines.

Try guest YouTubers

In any industry, we have influencers that can easily help you get noticed. In content marketing, we call them guest posters, but on YouTube, we refer to them as guest YouTubers. Guest YouTubers can help you get a lot of YouTube views for your work, as these people already have a huge audience size.

The use of the household industry name is a technic that has been tested and is very effective. To get a YouTube guest poster, you can start by offering a link in your video description and linking it to their work. This way, you can always start a mutually beneficial relationship with the owner of the YouTube channel and end with an influencer coming to your aid.

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