How to edit a youtube video online?

Today, every corner has one Youtube vlogger but very few can give the content like Casey Neistat or Sawyer Hartman! And that’s where the power of video editing steps in!

To achieve your dream of becoming the top youtube vlogger, you NEED quality content. However, with the growing technology, now you do not need a studio or personnel to record top-graded video. Just take your smartphone and install the best editing software. These days, there are numerous platforms and software available that helps you edit videos online. Along with this, most of this software and platforms are totally free to use and these come with tons of tools and features that make your video super attractive as well as engaging. And what else does a youtube vlogger need!

Speaking of editing videos, there are multiple ways through which you can edit youtube videos online. You can add music, filters, effects, texts, subtitles, captions, trim or cut video, merge two clips and many more. Although this becomes a little confusing for people, that’s why we have presented this article, where we have discussed the steps involved in editing a youtube video online. So, let’s get started!

Ways to edit a youtube video online

In order to get started with editing your youtube video online, you need to select any of your preferred platforms or install any software. The main steps involved are:

Upload the chosen video: First of all, select the video that you want to edit or the clips that you want to merge together to form a short video film, and upload it.

Add media files to your video slides: For a more effective appearance, you always have the option to add media files in between your video clips, texts or icons. And when you are keeping your video clips short with precise content, it becomes more engaging and develops an impressive outlook of your content.

Add music: Now, by moving forward, select the soundtrack that you want in the background of your video. And adjust it according to your video and trim it if required. Also, choose its starting and ending time to properly attach it with the video.

Make the essential Changes: After adding the soundtrack to your video, make the essential changes to it such as if you want to trim it in any way, or add texts or captions in it, adjust the brightness and contrast, colour correction, rotation or any other. Save the results to export the video.

Add layouts: The best way to add magic to your video is to use the pre-designed layouts. You wouldn’t believe how many options you can get when you look into the layout section. This way you can present your video with a different theme and style that entirely enhances your quality content.

Export the video: As you have made all the essential changes to your video, it’s time to export it to your device. Just click on the ‘Export’ button available in the software and your video will be saved in your preferred resolution.

Customization of your video

Besides these pre-available tools and settings for editing your youtube video online, there are several other techniques and features that help you in giving your video a whole new appearance and would totally attract more viewers to your channel. Following a certain pattern of editing is essential but with time, it’s essential to speed up your style so that you are always in trend! And that’s where these additional settings help you. These are:

Timeline control 

Managing your video timeline is very essential to bring out more creative ideas. You can drag left or right and preview your editing again and again so that you would not miss any blind spots. Have seamless control over your video timeline and customize it changing themes, styles, texts and others.


Animations on your images and texts are more of a trend these days. Plau, it keeps on the flowing motion of your video film. The best part is you can add animation in just one-click and take your editing to an entirely different level of creativity.

Background Remover

Then, there is background remover. We all have seen the enchantment of the green room effect and how amazing it looks. The good thing is you can easily customize it in your videos. Choose your suitable background and add it to your image slider.

Logo Integration

When you are editing for your brand, you can easily customize the logo and colour according to you. You can totally add your brand colours and logo to your videos with just a single click.


In conclusion, we can say that there are multiple ways by which you can hence your video content quality and its presentation to the audience. And for a professional Youtube vlogger, these editing techniques and styles are very necessary. You can edit your video any way you like and with this, you can also improve your channel’s engagement and reach. People are literally earning a great sum of fortune from Youtube and with such tough competition in this field, you really need to add extra effort to your video and that’s only possible with the right style and themes of editing. Stay tuned for more such content!