How to choose the ideal suitcase for your next trip? Here are 5 important questions!


Bringing the right luggage will not only make your trip much easier, it will save you a lot of money.

If you have no idea which suitcase to buy, here are the questions you have to ask yourself to choose the one that suits you best.

What do you prefer?

We all have something that we like best between the two main luggage options: suitcase or backpack. Neither is better than the other, it will depend a lot on your physical condition, your destination and what suits you best. I prefer 4-wheel suitcases: when it comes to short trips I choose one 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, the ideal size so that you can carry it as hand luggage on the plane and not pay. Just go to a luggage sale spot and choose the most suitable size.

For long trips, I choose a large suitcase with a capacity of 90 liters, but that weighs less than 2.5 kilos (photo below). Why so big? Because airlines don’t care about size as long as you respect weight, so I prefer to make the most of it and leave space in case I go shopping. Of course, my destinations are usually cities where I can roll easily and even in these, wheeled suitcases do not always end up being the easiest: cobblestones, uneven roads …

I am faithful to my wheeled suitcases, but I have also lived with people who prefer backpacks (and in fact for very short trips I also use them) and they have many advantages: they generally weigh less, the loads in your shoulders so you can have greater mobility, they are ideal for those who walk long distances and irregular places. Of course, you always have to carry them carrying, which is not for everyone. So the first thing you have to consider when choosing your luggage is what you prefer, what you feel most comfortable with and how you think it will be easier for you to organize yourself during your trip.

Regardless of whether you use a suitcase or backpack, there are other questions that you have to ask yourself to know what size to choose and how much you should take.

What are you traveling on?

It depends on the transport you use, you will pay different fees for the luggage you carry. The strictest most of the times is the plane, so if it is your means of transport you need to check what is the allowed luggage. On the low-cost lines, they generally include only one carry-on bag in the ticket price, but the weight and measurements are controlled. So if you travel by plane and do not want to pay more, the suitcase usually cannot exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (whether it be a backpack or suitcase). As for the suitcases that you check in (that is, those that go in the hold) on the planes, the size does not matter, the important thing is the weight that each one assigns.

Are you traveling alone or accompanied?

Traveling accompanied often allows you to optimize your luggage. Many groups travel with a carry-on for each person and share a large suitcase, allowing for shared expenses and responsibility. But if you travel alone you must be sure that you alone can with everything you decided to take, regardless of the transport you will use. Regarding the number of pieces, in addition to considering that you can load them, take into account that they will charge you per piece in many places. For example, many cities charge extra to carry luggage in the taxi, so the ideal is to take only the number of essential suitcases, because they will charge you per piece. They will also charge you per piece of luggage storage.

What kind of security?

Regardless of how you travel, it is always important that your luggage has a security mechanism, at this time it could be considered that no system is infallible, but at least you can prevent any theft. Try to buy a suitcase with an integrated numeric lock, in this way they will not be able to slide the closure, in addition and despite how easy it can be to break them, there is no need to include a lock. Including a stamp, ribbon or something that personalizes it can also be useful, especially to avoid confusion.

What size suitcase?

Of course, there is no single answer for this, it depends on the destination, the time of the trip and how much you like to carry luggage, but the size of the suitcase must always comply with the standards imposed by the companies in which you will travel, This is especially important if you decide to travel only with hand luggage and by plane. The suitcase normally cannot exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, although it is best to check with each airline before traveling.

If you are able to answer the five questions above, you will be able to buy the ideal suitcase.