How to choose a bridal shop that is right for you

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is one of the most personal things about your wedding.

Choosing it can be complicated and even overwhelming.

We give you some tricks so that it is not torture and you can find what you are looking for.

To make it easier, we will tell you in two ways.

On the one hand, our guest today, tells us how she chose his, on the other hand, I will tell you the tricks and steps I am following to choose the one that will be mine.

We look forward to helping you and finding the perfect dress for that day without going crazy.

There are a thousand and one options and sometimes it can be very confusing.


The first thing is to know if you are clear about what you are looking for. There are many different styles and not all look good or comfortable. If you have a clear idea, I recommend that you be the first one you are looking for and try on, but do not stay alone with the first option.

Sometimes we close on an idea and then it is not the one that best suits us or that we feel most comfortable with. Trying out, you can be very surprised with models that you wouldn’t even think about. Keep in mind that you have to spend all day wearing it and, if it is uncomfortable, it can be a nuisance. If you like corsets, go ahead, but I tell you that whales or holding wires will make your day difficult.

In addition to the styles, there are body types, not everyone is well the same. Although the one who decides is you and who has to like it is you.

Do not get carried away by the pomp, be yourself and choose what makes you feel good. After all, it is a memory for a lifetime and nobody has to tell you what is the right style or whether or not you follow the protocol.

Our first tip: Choose for yourself.


Buying your dress can be one of the most exciting things about the wedding, but you have to keep in mind that your body can change. Try to look at models as much in advance as you want, but I recommend that you do not buy it until a couple of months before the wedding. Why? Very simple: the nerves.

It may seem silly but the preparations for a wedding are many and quite stressful and, that happens, facular to your body. There is someone who stresses hunger and, therefore, takes a few kilos or, on the contrary, takes hunger and loses them. Each one of us is a world and our body is unique in reacting.

If you want to avoid scares and that the dress does not buckle you or that you over half the fabric, try to get as close as possible to the wedding date to buy it. In addition, if you have a good dressmaker located, what can happen, better than better? You may find the dress of your life at an unbeatable price and want to buy it time before.

If so, we do not want to discourage you from doing so, but check if it still suits you shortly before the wedding, so that it can be arranged if necessary.


The million dollar question. Today, there are so many options that we find it difficult to know which one to choose. This is no longer like when our mothers or grandmothers married. The digital age influences even this. There are millions of models, millions of brands and stores and, above all, face-to-face and online options. You might find something wonderful in a shop window or on a website, but then the price scares you or you get something that was not what you expected, if you buy without trying it on.

We will analyze the options we have when buying the wedding dress.

Wedding dress


The best known and usually the most expensive option. It must also be said that it is worth spending a little more for a dress that you can try on, that they fix you and that you know will be perfect. In this case the premium quality over the price. That doesn’t mean you can’t find bargains.

Sometimes, you can find cheap dresses from that same season or from a previous one that are exactly what you are looking for. We will always recommend that you go to a specialized store as the first option. There are wonderful collections. Personally, BestForBride wedding dresses in Toronto is one of the brands I like the most.


Many brands and clothing groups have launched into bridal fashion. This is the case of the Inditex group, for example. In stores like Zara or H&M, belonging to this group, you can find wedding dresses for less than 100 euros.Of course, they sell out quickly, which means that only one has very little. You can always touch up and change some things, but it will be like many others. It depends on the exclusivity you want and if you like the models offered, it can be a very economical option. There are also oulets, but they are less common. If you find them, it is usually online.


If you are lucky enough to know how to sew or meet someone with enough experience and ability to make a wedding dress, you are in luck. In that case, you can choose each of the details, the fabric, the length of the tail … everything. We talk about dresses, but it still works if you want to marry a tuxedo or a jumpsuit. How is your decision? Doing it from scratch may involve more time and effort, but you make sure that it is just what you had thought.


As you may have heard in the podcast, we do not cut ourselves to talk about tastes, prices and other details. We hope we have helped you with one of the most complicated wedding decisions. Above all, we would like to know if we have paved the way for you when looking for something and, above all, to tell us what your wedding dress is like.