How to Boost Your Sales On Instagram?

Have you wondered how you can boost your sales through Instagram? Instagram holds the key to the success of a brand, company, celebrity and everything that concerns one’s online popularity.

According to recent statistics by Hootsuite, around 130-million users regularly click on IG shopping posts per month. You can convert a lot of random users into business leads by posting great images that grab the attention of users.

Popular Football Club, Manchester United, has multiplied its follower base by the 1000s by posting not only about the game but also motivational quotes. Quotes that resonate with its follower base. Similarly, your Instagram feed also needs to have posts dealing with diverse issues and modern topics to attract more users.

Who optimises their Instagram pages?

Whether you are a celebrity, club, team, brand or social media influencer, everyone needs an active Instagram handle with a considerable number of followers. It not only helps you in brand promotion but also keeps you ahead of other Instagram pages.

But the question that arises here is how to acquire new likes and followers? The best way to buy IG likes is to start optimising your social media content to enhance your engagement ratio.

Achieving a good ratio of likes to comments

As a brand, your user engagement ratio will go high when you receive multiple likes and comments on your posts. Take for instance BIGNIGHT, one of the UK’s biggest food delivery apps, receiving 1000s of likes and comments on its posts.

The delivery app is famous for posting interesting images of delectable dishes on their Insta feeds along with long captions.

A great example of Instagram usage

Big Night takes full advantage of Instagram’s stories feature. It posts at least one Insta story every day. Instagram stories are quick and fast. These are unskippable and appear alongside other Insta stories on users’ profiles similar to Snapchat’s user interface.

But if you wish to enhance your online visibility on Instagram then you must have a good number of Instagram followers. You can consider acquiring Instagram followers at an affordable price for enhanced online visibility.

Benefits of Having Instagram Followers

It Increases Your Competitiveness in the Market: All businesses irrespective of their sizes –new entities, small and medium-sized – can get an edge to enhance their business volumes by a hefty 24% by acquiring new likes and followers.

On having 1000 followers on your Instagram handle with a good number of likes, the chance to boost the sales goes up. The comment by followers also is very important. It is recommended that for every 50 likes, one should have at least 1 comment.

Make Your Instagram Page Sales orientated

When you buy Instagram followers, you can convert them into new leads by posting appropriate Instagram content as BIGNIGHT does. It will help you improve your overall ROI.

Your Credibility is Increased amongst the competition: The importance of acquiring Instagram likes and followers organically increases your presence in the marketplace. When your Insta followers start liking or commenting on your posts, it will start showing in their followers’ Instagram accounts. And thus, through your Instagram followers, even people who don’t follow you get to know about your brands and services.

You can simply check out the ‘Instagram Explore’ section to understand how it works. Suppose you follow Duracell on Instagram. Now, every time you like or comment on Duracell’s post, then automatically those posts will be displayed to your followers. This is how the Instagram algorithm works and you should leverage it!

A report by Sensor Tower proved that Instagram was among the top 5 most downloaded social media apps in 2020. So any brand can’t go on top without improving their brand visibility on Instagram.